Sturmwind - Sega Dreamcast Homebrew!

Started by TL, June 04, 2012, 18:39:55 PM

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My Sturmwind arrived today too... but I just ordered it last week from play-asia. :P


Quote from: "tomwaits"My Sturmwind arrived today too... but I just ordered it last week from play-asia. :21: Yeah that would have been the smart thing to do.


Hey guys, thought I'd start a thread on this as I couldn't find one in the search. So has anyone else got this and played it for their beloved Dreamcasts yet?

I will be uploading videos soon and possibly a video review. I love this game, its stunning and action packed, works/plays like a modern game or XBLA title and the soundtrack is insane. I bought the special edition blue box version which I adore.

Anyone played it or want to know more about it?

Its a Dreamcast 2d shooter side/vertical scrolling with gorgeous visuals and sound made by Duranik, this game was originally meant to be on the Jaguar as "Native"!!

Whoops... why couldn't I find that when I searched? Thanks whoever moved this, I couldn't find the thread  :-[
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Thats ok pal, its a great game indeed.. Have you read my review?

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dcultrapro the search function of this site is a bit picky.  You need to be on the main page (not within any thread) to run a search.  Otherwise, it won't find what you're looking for.  Even then I've noticed it is not 100% accurate.  I was the one who merged the threads because I knew we had a thread for it.  Also, for homebrews, you can check here:  The Console Homebrew Games Library as we keep a listing of homebrew threads for all systems there.  :)

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