New Genesis/Sega CD Homebrew - Code Eliminator

Started by TrekMD, September 02, 2015, 02:01:42 AM

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[align=center:2cw441cd][size=120]NA member swlovinist will be releasing a new game for the Genesis/MD that will also be later available for the Sega Mega CD:  Code Eliminator!   

Code Eliminator is a simple shooter game (a cross between 2600 Jawbreaker and Zombie Nation) will debut at this year's Portland Retrogaming Expo (PRGE) this year. For one or two players, the game has a unique two-player coop option in which players share a life bar. Fun for short bursts and high score runs.

Also, there will be a Sega CD version offered at a reduced price at the show(game will be identical minus subtle title screen changes). These will be numbered and limited edition show exclusive. Game will not be sold early.

The Genesis cart version will come cased with manual and "space bug" toy for $40.00.  The nearly identical Sega CD version  will come with blue DVD case and manual  and will be offered for a reasonable $25.00.  Each version will be limited to 40 numbered copies. 

This is a kid friendly game and can be enjoyed by the whole family![/size][/align:2cw441cd]


Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Floating heads shooting what appear to be 2600 and NES carts? Why not :21:


Exactly!  Hey, it is a kid friendly game.  ;)

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


This looks a whole lot like the developers earlier Atari 2600 game M.M.S.B.C. II ... ic.php?t=8

Same two player co-op.  Shared life bar.