New ColecoVision Homebrew - Cave

Started by TrekMD, August 25, 2015, 01:35:31 AM

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[align=center:14ljaevd]Atari Age member FredTheFred is developing a new game for the venerable ColecoVision called Cave.  The game is a 3D ASCII graphics Rogue-like adventure that represents Fred's first attempt at programming for the console.  To keep things interesting (and to add replay value) the dungeons are randomly generated along with the enemies, treasure and other items that appear within.  No binary is available yet but here are some additional details:

The Rules:
The rules are simple : walking trough a randomize maze to collect treasures, but beware to monster.
I know the game play is not really interresting, and graphics are poor but for learning it's Sufficient.
Room design
Meeting spiders
Find a potion to cure when spider bytes you
Increase/decrease score
increase/decrease number of potion
Numbered point of action
Ending game and highscore
Meeting the dwarf (he stole half of yout point)
Meeting a Dragon (The end).
Finding Jewel for more points[/align:14ljaevd]



[align=center:14ljaevd][size=180]Development Thread[/size][/align:14ljaevd]

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Interesting, having know idea how to make a game I wonder why he chose this style of game?

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His goal is to learn to program for the system.  This is a simple game but it does the trick.  :)

Going to the final frontier, gaming...