New Sega Genesis/MD Homebrew - Mega Water Margin - The Tales

Started by zapiy, August 13, 2015, 18:28:11 PM

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New awesome looking game from @pikointeractive

Water Margin - The Tales of Clouds and Winds is a Sega Genesis Beat'em up which was exclusively available only in China (Taiwan and Hong Kong markets mostly) during the late 90's.

After Piko Interactive Acquired full Copyright of the game, the game was localized and is now available for purchase.

Most of the changes of the games are:

    Translation of the game story, cut-scenes and different endings
    Translation of character names
    Bug fixes and game-play fixes

This product includes:

    Sega Genesis 16 bit game cartridges compatible with most clone and original consoles
    Sega Genesis plastic case with artwork
    Fully translated instruction manual in color

More info and to order go HERE

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Looks great!

I've been spending way too much on games lately so I'm going to hold off for now, but I will definitely be buying this soon :113:


Going to the final frontier, gaming...