Promo/Collectors Items - Post yours here.

Started by dubchaser, May 02, 2012, 07:08:42 AM

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So for me it's not just games I buy I'm also partial to buying the odd promotional item or collectors piece for my handhelds. 8)
For the Atari Lynx I like to collect the Pin Badges (defi).  So far I've, amast probably 2 thirds of all those released.  Just recently I picked up the Official Club badge.  You can see it on my quick You Tube video here:

I loo forward to seeign other peoples items.


I have a stack of these Lynx badges too!  8)

Not sure how many exactly, I will need to find them, but I think it's about 20 odd.

I also have a few other bits and pieces like various Atari Lynx and Jaguar catalogues and a complete 2600 owners club pack that I am actually thinking of selling.

Another little item I have is an Atari 7800 Pac Pollux patch:

Came free with a limited edition of this homebrew game (only 15 numbered copies, I have no. 4)


I don't have much in way of this kind of stuff. I guess I have a few Lynx badges and a fair bit of merchandise tat. Lol.

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I have uploaded some scans of Lynx flyers to the downloads section here!  8)


Old game where you could win a Coleco tabletop game and a couple of tokens to Red Baron arcade.

Won three of these Snicker Football games. Three winning wrappers all out of the same candy machine.



I do as well. There were two other game boards a Donkey Kong and Galaxian. Wish I had the playing pieces for it.