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New Atari 2600 Homebrew - ORB!
« on: June 05, 2015, 22:42:44 PM »
The planet Orb can be a dangerous place full of mystery. The Alliance has lost many ships while trying to explore the planet. Too many to count.
It will be your mission to rescue downed pilots and return them to the Mothership.
Get to know your ship:
At the start of the game your ship will appear in a safe area of the planet.
Your ship is only large enough to hold three pilots. You only have one ship complete your mission. Your ship has a strong shield that can sustain 8 hits before it will be destroyed. The shield is indicated by the bar on the bottom right of the screen. Most enemies will take one shield unit away as you are hit.
The exception is the Orb with will take two shield points away.
Your ship is equiped with "lazor cannons" They can shoot left and right.
Terrain hits will NOT damage your ships shield units.
The Mothership:
After you have saved three pilots the mothership will decend on the safe landing area. Because of expensive fuel used by the mothership it will not decend unless you have three pilots aboard your ship ready for rescue.
Your ship must dock with the mothership to transfer the rescued pilots.
At that time all of your ships shield power will be restored full. You will
also get 100 points for any remaining shield units.
You will get 1000 points for each pilot returned to the mothership.
Enemies:Other items of interest:
There are places where you can descend deeper into the planet. As the game progresses you must go down in order to rescue pilots as they will no longer appear on the top levels.
Pilots appear on the surface based upon the level of the game, which is based upon how many pilots you have rescued.. They appear as follows:
0-9 pilots rescued - appear on surface 1
12-18 pilots rescued - appear on surface 2 (none will appear on surface 1 at this point)
Up to 27 pilots rescued - appear on surface 3 (none will appear on surface 1 or 2 at this point)
At the title screen press the fire button to start. The fire button also starts a new game at the game over screen.
Joystick controls the ship in eight directions.
Joystick left or right plus the fire button fires your lazor cannons.
Only rescued pilots and shield units remaining will provide points.
One special ship will, at times drop a shield unit when destroyed.

Created using batari and the DCP+ kernel. [/size]

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