New SNES Homebrew - Hind Strike

Started by TrekMD, April 26, 2015, 00:05:44 AM

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[size=140]Piko Interactive has recently announced the release of a new SNES game that take advantage of Mode 7 Graphics, Hind Strike.  The game is a helicopter shooter that has a planned cart release some time this coming summer.  The game bears similarities to Desert Strike and has the player looking for targets to shoot them from the air.  Not a lot of details are available right now about the game but you can check out the trailer below...[/size] ... 8TbeqxBtA8

[size=180]Piko Interactive[/size][/align:2lb2uens]

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Looks good, looking forward to hearing more about it. I haven't checked out their site lately, they have a lot of games coming up!


Now that does look lovely, new smooth mode 7 too, but agree with Trek, not a hell of stuff happening, but maybe that was beta code we've just seen?, but delighted to see stuff like this and pushing basic limitations of the super NES.


You can actually purchase and play this now if you have super retro 16 emulator. .It costs 99p plus their is another game too


Wow sounds great, this on their main website?



Looks GREAT, aaaand the title sounds like what I do to my wife's butt..
And all the Who's down in Whoville will cry
"OH $#IT!"


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