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Started by dcultrapro, April 25, 2012, 09:18:47 AM

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Rogue Trooper

Another 'wave' of UK magazine review scores:

Lunar (Mean machines) 86%

These ALL from C+VG:

Battlecorps 92%
SW:Rebel Assault 70%
Brutal 88%
Fifa Int.Soccer 86%
Sensible Soc.84%
Shadow Of The Beast 2 34%
Lethal Enforcers 81% (although review blurb box has it as A1200!)
Soul Star 91%
Tomcat Alley 54%
Jurrasic Park 87%
Corpse Killer 63%
Night striker 9%
Sherlock Holmes Vol.2 87%
Ecco The Dolphin 96%

These ALL from SEGA Magazine:
SOTB 2 62%
Sensible Soc. 89%
MK 58%-They said despite new features, extra animation etc, it was worse than cartridge version due to loading times.
Tomcat Alley 80%
Dune 80%
Prize Fighter 59%

So, so far, how do these compare to US scores?.

Rogue Trooper

Another big wave, should help give you USA guys n girls an idea of how well the format was recived over here in UK:


Afterburner 3 22%
Batman Returns 94%
Blackhole Assault 61%
Devastor 62%
Ecco 92%
Earnest Evans 50%
Final Fight 94%
Hook 80%
Jaguar XJ220 87%
Kris Kross:M.M.Video 80%
Night Trap79%
Night stiker 17%
Prince Of persia 70%
Sewer shark 87%
S.Holmes Vol 1 79%
S.Holmes Vol 2 84%
Slipheed 94%
Switch 90%
Wolfchild 82%
Wonder Dog 82%
Keio Flying Sq. 90%
Lethal Enforcers 80%
Barai arm 69%

Phew...onto few misc scores:

Sega Power-Thunderhawk 91%

ALL these:Mean Machines:

Slipheed 90%
Ninja warriors 30% (but they hated original coin-op it seems)
Willy Beamish 68%


These are from Gamepro magazine. I have listed a few with the scale that was used. Later on they switched review formats.
I will try to find more and list the scale. 1 to 5.

Rogue Trooper

Quote from: "onthinice"

These are from Gamepro magazine. I have listed a few with the scale that was used. Later on they switched review formats.
I will try to find more and list the scale. 1 to 5.

Cheers dude-No need to waste time looking for anymore, looks like other than you+myself, no-one wants to know.....



What about future generations ;D


Great stuff ice!

I used to love GamePro and love seeing those old scans!


Thanks Laird! I think it is interesting how different views around the world shaped what we played as kids. I appreciate Rogue Trooper for sharing :113:

Rogue Trooper

Sadly sold my MCD and HUGE collection of games to a mate many, many years ago for a measly £60!, so all i can do these days is use old review scores to show how the games fared, as like the Jaguar, there's this 'internet myth' that MCD had no good games etc etc, when in fact games that did use the hardware or offer something a little different, did indeed fare well at review, so i'm at a loss as to where these myths spring up from.

Really wish SEGA and other developers had done enhanced/Alt. versions of games:Things like Batman Returns, Terminator S.E, Final Fight S.E, Eternal Champs, Thunderhawk, Dune etc showed what could be done by bringing an established game onto new hardware and soooo much more could have been done than chucking a cart or floppy based game onto CD with intro, CD music and possibly extra level if lucky.

There was a news piece in SEGA Magazine (i think) that claimed E.A were looking at putting the MCD ASIC? Sprite scaling chip (or similar) into a cart, to bring Wing Commander to MD-Never read it anywhere else and game finally arrived on MCD, but did you ever hear any such claims in US press?.


I do not recall anything about Wing Commander on the MD. That is interesting :39: Thanks for sharing that info. I will keep checking old magazines and see if anything turns up.

Rogue Trooper

Before i post any more scores, slight 'disclaimer' (LOL).Scores from say Mega Tech, whilst i'd love to include more 'detail' ie reviewers comments, i only have the odd issue, so scores taken from the A-Z reviews index they print at the back of the magazine.

Anywho few more:

Eternal Champions CD/C+VG/92% 'A really superb example of how to make use of the space a CD affords.It may crank up the development time, but the waits been well worth it' (reviewer does mention it's not quite as playable as MK2 or SF2).They'd given the cart version 92% earlier.

BC Racers/C+VG, mini-box out in 32X review (which got 83%), MCD version mentioned, scored 78%, seems to lack in speed was comment.

Fatal Fury Special/Mean Machines SEGA/Overall 36% 'Looks like the 1st Street Fighter.If only it had come out 8 years ago.Dire.crap.Awful (bit of an 'odd' comment, MCD was'nt around 8 years previous).

Jurassic Park/C+VG/ 87%-It's not quite the interactive movie we were promised, but impressive all the same.

Rogue Trooper

Not seen the 'show', but am i right in thinking the AVGN say's MCD Batman Returns has too many driving stages?.If so, quite surprised to hear this as they were fantastic, not only from a technical point of view, really showcasing the hardware, but broke up the platforming really well.


Interesting scores. BC Racers seems to be about the same as the SCD and 32X in the States. I will try to check for sure. The 32X always seems to get a bad wrap compared to the Sega Mega CD of the same games on both systems.

Rogue Trooper

I'm more than happy to transfer any MCD review scans i have, onto a memory stick, which i could loan you.Just shout out if your interested.


Rogue Trooper

Quote from: "onthinice"Thanks Rogue Trooper!

I'm more than happy to send you a M.stick+any other misc source material i can lay my hands on, done it for others, more than happy to do it again.