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Started by guest5513, February 21, 2015, 19:53:30 PM

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Hi guys!
Im Darren living in wales UK. I grew up with Amstrad, Nintendo NES, mega drives etc. Im 29 now, 30 this year and when ever I see the retro gaming consoles I feel old lol.. Friends who younger than me, are like what is that console, and they say graphics are rubbish.....
They havent lived lol...

80s & 90s were the great years of gaming!


Welcome aboard Darren.

You into collecting or just gaming on some of the old classics.

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both, i did have the NES, Super nintendo and mega drive...

but the consoles belonged to kids home i was living in...but i got mega drive now, just waiting to get the NES again now...Amstrad also


Your very Welcome Darren, we hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane here at RVG, and if you have something of an antidote please let us here all about it :)

Have a good one fella


Welcome, always good to see more Sega fans here (even if you had NES too).


Welcome, hope you enjoy the site :)


We're pretty close in age, and so probably grew up playing a lot of the same games. My first console was an NES, too, and I loved the Mega Man and Mario games. I agree that the '80s and '90s were special years for gaming. Glad to have you aboard!
- Ryan


Welcome aboard, Darren! 

Going to the final frontier, gaming...



Hey Darren, and welcome.  I promise not to hold being a Nintendo fan against you.   :2:

Console Compulsive

Good to meet you Darren :)