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Atari User - Issue 17 - Out Now!
« on: April 02, 2012, 16:20:19 PM »

The latest issue of Atari User magazine is out today and available via PDF for computers and tablets or in print via Mag Cloud or Lulu. For more details check out

Highlights of this months issue include:

  • Reviews for Pinball Fantasies (Jaguar), Pengo (2600), Scramble (7800), Battle Of Britain (ST), Surrounded (Jag CD), Pit-Fighter (Lynx). Hobgoblin (XL/XE) and more!
  • A look at the megafile hard disk for the Atari ST
  • Find out how close we were to getting an Atari Megadrive!
  • An in-depth guide to DOS XE on the Atari 8-bits
  • Guide to Bally/Midway coin-op conversions on the Atari ST
  • Hi-Tec software's games for XL & XE computers
  • and much much more!


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