Willy The Wasp - New Sinclair ZX Spectrum Homebrew

Started by TL, June 27, 2014, 21:59:40 PM

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[align=center:2rsuqhzz]Willy the Wasp Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum

[size=140]What is the one thing everyone hates about summer? Yeah, that's right, bloody wasps! Everytime you go outside the yellow and black fiends are swooping in for the sting and ruining the lovely weather for you. Unfortunately there are wasps indoors too now, courtesy of this very attractive looking new Sinclair ZX Spectrum game! Brought to us by the homebrew heroes at Death Squad this title features full colour graphics, music and over 70 rooms![/size]

[size=140]Taking the role of Willy The Wasp you must buzz your way through the treacherous caverns to replenish your venom and so you can sting some more pasty sunbathers! You must find the 50 vials of poisonous fluid and then get to annoying those poor bald headed blokes. As well as your human foes there are lots of other insects who aren't too pleased with your presence either, so I hope your flying skills are up to scratch! [/size]

[size=140]Willy The Wasp has been designed to use with both 48k and 128k Spectrum's and has been released completely for free! It will also work with your favourite emulator for those without access to the necessary hardware. You can read more about the development of this title over in the development thread at World Of Spectrum. Those who just can't wait can check the game out in the video below![/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE![/size][/align:2rsuqhzz]


Going to the final frontier, gaming...


I think the title name is hilarious :21: . Fair play to the creator for such a great name, plus the gfx are ace too.


Love the style and colours on this.. Grabbing as we speak for a bash. :113:

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