BASIC Ten Liners - Contest 2014 - Atari XL/XE

Started by TL, April 12, 2014, 18:03:32 PM

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[size=140]After the fun and success of last year at the NOMAM there is another programming competition this year. This year Turbo Basic XL is allowed. Besides speed advantages there are a few other advantages in Turbo Basic.

Here are the conditions of the competition:

- 10 lines of Turbo Basic XL code (pure Atari Basic is also allowed)
- It must be a game
- Input medium of the game arbitrarily (joystick , paddle , keyboard, ... )
- Abbreviations may be used to increase the maximum line length
- No reloading of data or parts of the program
- Call of machine language programs is not permitted ( X = USR ( 1536) )
- POKing is allowed (eg change the DL, PM graphics)
- Deadline: Saturday 26 April , 11 pm (remote posts : Wednesday, April 22)
- Voting: Saturday 26 April , 11.30 pm , Awards Ceremony : Sunday, 27 April , 0 am
- Only physically Attendants may vote
- Remote contributions are nevertheless allowed.
- They have to arrive by Wednesday 22 April 11.59 pm CET

Discussion thread on Atari Age[/size]


[align=center:2b5jilqi][size=140]Some of this years entries:[/size]

Mini Dash - By Bill Kendrick


Mini Dash - By Bill Kendrick

Dodge Racer v1.1 for Atari 8-bit computers in ten lines of Turbo Basic XL

Mini Dash - By Bill Kendrick[/align:2b5jilqi]