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Started by RPC_GAMES, July 29, 2014, 12:48:24 PM

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Hi Guys, Check out our Retro Computer Display. You don't see computer stores like this anymore.
Go to our website and scroll down below.


Let me know what ya think.

Pete  :4:


A very nice setup indeed, love the posters on the wall being a great arcade fan myself, is this just for show or what are the ideas behind this, to showcase your products on or for nosteigtic elements?

But it would be a nice area to sit in front of I can tell you that. Thanks for sharing :)


Quote from: "Greyfox"love the posters on the wall 

My thoughts exactly! Very nice to see  :)


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Thanks Guys :) hehehehe. Nah, just kidding and I'm not really a Z80 programmer. The Amstrad 6128 has a Z80 CPU, but it does have a built in disk drive which would make it easier.
With the 3" disks you can use both sides A & B with out the need to cut a hole in the disk to use side B like 5.25" floppy disks. 

With the posters on the wall, I printed them out myself on 4x A4 sheets of photo paper, trimmed and stuck them together. It was the cheapest way to do it. :)

ok, it's now back to work on Centron 3D.  OH, Have you all seen the latest Video on YouTube with collision detection on the alien ship and the mines + explosion animation? See here http://youtu.be/Ihfk8QuZUX0

Have fun !

Pete   :4:


Cool, nice to see progress being made.  :)

Going to the final frontier, gaming...