Porkpolis - New Sega Master System Homebrew

Started by TL, March 30, 2014, 12:19:36 PM

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[size=140]Porkpolis - the city of flying pigs. Long ago, the flying pigs built large greenhouses to grow leafy greens year round. The pigs are well fed, but they create more waste than the land can handle. The greenhouses are put on gigantic floating platforms which float above a literal sea of... waste. The land below can not support life. But the pigs just keep eating and don't seem to care. Urchin is a flying pig from this city. Urchin wants to be an explorer. So one day he up and flew into the distance. He saw many interesting lands, but suddenly strange creatures and flying dinnerware came at him. He quickly realized they were trying to eat him! Urchin is flying home - and you can help! Use your light phaser (or control pad) to shoot down foes while Urchin flies home. Protect your pork![/size]

[size=140]This game uses either the light phaser or control pad 1. Light Phaser - Aim the light phaser at a foe. Pull the trigger. If you hit the foe, the foe turns into a number. Your score increases by that number. If you miss, keep trying! Control Pad 1 - Use the D-Pad to move the cursor. When the cursor is on top of a foe, press 1 to shoot! If you hit the foe, the foe turns into a number. Your score increases by that number. If you miss, keep trying! Level 1 - Foes are worth 1 point Level 2 - Foes are worth 1 point Level 3 - Foes are worth 10 points Level 4 - Foes are worth 100 points! To the right of the score is a single digit number. This is Urchin's health. It goes down by 1 each time he is hit. If it goes down to 0, the game is over. The health is restored at the beginning of each level. The timer is to the right of the health. When it reaches 0, the next level starts.[/size]

[size=140]Porkpolis is an entry in the SMS Power Coding Competition 2014 and was programmed by V. Crisafulli (VAC). You can read more about the development of this game over in the thread on SMS Power forum. A demo version of the game has been released for play on real hardware via s flash cartridge or your favourite emulator.[/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE![/size][/align:2wr42wvv]


Nice, I just downloaded this to give it spin.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


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