BOoM (Bomberman) - New Sega Master System Homebrew

Started by TL, March 30, 2014, 12:10:52 PM

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[size=140]Vingazole is a very well known coder in Master System homebrew circles and we have reviewed a few of his games here. Well now he has teamed up with Ichigo to bring us a Master System version of Hudson Soft's classic multiplayer blast-fest Bomberman![/size]

[size=140]The game is an entrant into SMS Power Coding Competition 2014 and has even allows multiple players via a home made team tap. The game is still being worked on with new levels being added as well as in-game music, randomly generated playfields and level/character select screens. [/size]

[size=140]The game doesn't currently work on emulators, only read hardware via a flash cartridge. You can read up more on game development and see notes and updates from the coders themselves in the thread on SMS Power. We will bring you more news on this exciting homebrew as it gets closer to completion, in the mean time you can download the demo version.[/size]

[size=240]DOWNLOAD HERE![/size][/align:39ymru0d]


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