Changing Cartridge Batteries

Started by 64bitRuss, March 29, 2014, 17:07:55 PM

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My SNES Super Mario World battery finally crashed, and I have no soldering equipment or experience soldering. But, I just watched this video and I think I can do this no problem:

Tutorial On How to Replace a SNES Super Nintendo Coin Cell Save Battery!

It really looks simple. I'm ordering a soldering kit and a battery ASAP


Yeah that would be very easy pal, they are huge solder points.

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I successfully replaced my Super Mario World battery and completed my first soldering job. I didn't do it as fast as the guy in that video, but all in all everything went well. Somehow my game still had my most recent save (after the battery crashed) on it AFTER the new battery was installed. I don't know how that happened. I thought they would have all been erased.  ???


Thanks for posting 64bitRuss! That is amazing the battery lasted that long. I have wondered about the battery life of games and how time consuming it would be to change the battery. Looks quick and painless.