New Genesis/MegaDrive Homebrew - Wolfenstein 3D

Started by TrekMD, September 01, 2013, 15:32:09 PM

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Looks like Wolfenstein 3D is being ported over to the Genesis/MegaDrive.  Found an article about this at Retro Collect.  You can check out more info here:  id Software's Wolfenstein 3D In Development For The Mega Drive.  A download link is available there as well.  Here's a demo video.

[align=center:1flh9ccx]wolfenstein demo sega genesis[/align:1flh9ccx]

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


The Mega Drive has a few cool FPS games like Bloodshot, Zero Tolerance and Duke Nukem 3D and the SNES got a port of this game so I don't see why it can't be done.


It could be done back in the day but, correct me if I am wrong, the publisher that released the SNES version was not a Genesis 3rd party.  That publisher probably secured the rights to the "16-Bit" version only since we saw this hit 3DO, Jaguar and other more powerful systems around that time.

That and Sega weren't too keen on licensing PC games for their console, that would have been Electronic Arts who made a nice niche doing just that.



Great progress there thats for sure, looking great.

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Wow, that is looking spot on. Not sure about the sound though....


Quote from: "Minerals"Wow, that is looking spot on. Not sure about the sound though....

I am sure sound will be the last thing they implement.


I loved Wolfenstein on PC DOS, and this is looking almost indistinguishable from that version to my untrained eye. Great work.