Protector: RESURGENCE for Atari Jaguar CD!

Started by TrekMD, July 18, 2014, 13:56:12 PM

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Yeah, Songbirds shipping rates have always been on the high side. Last time I ordered from him the shipping was $40, although I see he's dropped it to $32 now. Like Trek said though, I think it has to do with tracking and insurance. Some sellers don't care about that stuff, but if something happens and it gets lost then they can be out a lot of money. He's just being careful and protecting himself. For me I just make sure I order enough to make it worthwhile.

For you guys in the UK, you can get the game from 16/32 when it goes up for sale.


Luckily I managed to grab one of the CGE editions while it was still available. Surprised they lasted as long as they did.


It's good they lasted for those who did not attend CGE but I do have to admit I was surprised they did not all sell at the show. 

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The regular edition is now available Here!

I will be ordering soon :)


I thought this would be of interest for those who may want Resurgence but may not have ordered it yet...

The Songbird Christmas sale is going on right now, and features FREE USA SHIPPING for all customers ($8 off shipping for international customers). Plus, look for specially discounted games including Skyhammer, Robinson's Requiem, Lexis, Ponx, and more!

Be sure to also check out new products such as Protector RESURGENCE and Philia CD, as well as restocks on hard-to-find Telegames and Songbird releases for the Jaguar and Lynx!

Sale lasts until December 5, 2014, and only while supplies last.

Going to the final frontier, gaming...


Cheers fella.. nice offers for anyone looking for some of these.

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