Trading Rules and Guidelines

Started by zapiy, February 24, 2012, 13:02:20 PM

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Hi all, we are going to allow trading on here with some rules. These rules and guideline are subject to change at anytime.

To Trade (Buy, Sell, Wanted) on this board you must abide by the following RULES;

1. Trading is not permitted where members have a post count of less than 50. If a trade thread of any type is created by members with less than 50 posts they will be deleted. Moderators will endeavor to advise the thread starter of the reason for deletion.

2. All Trade related threads should be started here in the Board.

3. All Trading threads must have a thread title that starts with either 'FOR SALE:', 'FOR TRADE:' or 'WANTED:'

If you are planning on selling something, providing photos and postage costs would be a very good idea.

Ultimately all Trades, are entirely at your own risk. RVG is not responsible for any issues that arise through sales or trades made on this board.

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