Hack, Slash, Loot - New homebrew for the Lynx in development

Started by 108 Stars, July 21, 2013, 22:53:48 PM

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108 Stars

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LX.NET from Atari Age has announced his new project for the Lynx.

It is a roguelike dungeon crawler, completely turn-based. This means you walk a step, at the same time the enemy makes his move.

Hack, Slash, Loot is a port of a Windows-/Mac-/Linux-game, and thanks to the original using very minimalistic visuals we can expect a near 1:1 port. The original features 10 different characters, random generated dungeons and thousands of items to loot.

Hack Slash Loot for Atari Lynx

You can get a demo of the computer versions here: http://www.hackslashloot.com/index.html
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Very nice indeed!

Will give this a try when I get back from my 2 weeks away.


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