aTaRSI - Atari 2600 Sound

Started by TrekMD, July 22, 2013, 02:06:57 AM

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Here is something that's just cool.  This is a sound and video demo for the Atari 2600 called aTaRSI developed by TRSI & Digital Sounds System & Crest.  You can check out the site where it was posted here:  aTaRSI.  You'll find a binary to download so you can run this on an emulator or on real hardware with a Harmony cart.  Here is a video of aTaRSI in action...

[align=center:3q3rbl57]TRSI & Digital Sounds System & Crest - aTaRSI (2013) Atari VCS[/align:3q3rbl57]

Going to the final frontier, gaming...



Now lets see some of that coding prowess be put to use in a game. Trouble with Demo guys like this is they can make great looking demos but never seem to ever get a complete game that even comes close to this quality.

I supposed it'd be only fair to mention, as a game coding guy, I've never put my hand to such a demo.

Hmmm.... a pattern could be coming to light here....NAH!