Author Topic: New C64 Homebrew - Sheepoid DX/Woolly Jumper  (Read 952 times)

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New C64 Homebrew - Sheepoid DX/Woolly Jumper
« on: July 04, 2013, 02:36:51 AM »
[align=center:2t6p1c7s][size=180]Sheepoid DX/Woolly Jumper[/size][/align:2t6p1c7s]

A new homebrew for the C64 has been released by the folks from RGCD and Psytronik, Sheepoid DX/Woolly JumperSheepoid DX

Planet Earth is facing a major threat - yet again! This time from a giant mothership from outer space. It is armed with deadly laser cannons that are pointing directly at our little blue-green planet. Our scientists have tried to contact the beings on board but all they got in response to our signals were a series of angry bleating sounds. It turns out the ship is being run by ALIEN SPACE GOATS!! And they are threatening to invade our planet in order to make it their own. Gibber!!


Luckily, our clever scientists have come up with a plan to thwart the alien threat. They have built a vortex machine capable of transporting two sheep-sized animals onto the alien ship - and so they did just that! Two specially modified Sheepoids have been armed and transported onto the mothership. Thanks to their magno-hooves the Sheepoids landed safely inside the ship, one on the ground and one on the right-hand wall. Now they are ready to save the Earth from world domination.

Woolly Jumper

Once upon a time in a farmyard there lived a mischievous little sheep named Pepito. One day, Pepito snuck away from the farmyard and into the adjoining woods. There he found some strange mushrooms growing by an old pear tree. Pepito decided to eat the mushrooms along with some of the rather over-ripe pears that were scattered on the ground. Before very long Pepito started to feel strange ... Very strange indeed! The world started to spin around him and before he knew what was happening, Pepito found himself in MINDSPACE!


Full details, a video, and ordering information are available at RGCD
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Re: New C64 Homebrew - Sheepoid DX/Woolly Jumper
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2013, 14:53:41 PM »
Looks like a fun game..
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