NeoGeo Pocket Must Have Games

Started by dot.fyre, March 05, 2012, 23:28:30 PM

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There are quite a few but from the ones I owned.......

Crush Roller
Dragon's Wild
Metal Slug 1st/2nd Mission
Puzzle Bobble Mini
Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color
Neo Turf Masters


I have never played on one of these but think they look incredibly cool. I have nearly bought one several times now so I guess its only a matter of time until I eventually buy one!  8)


Apart from the non-backlit screen (a mod is available to add a back light) the machine is fantastic.
Great games, the batteries last for ages, great build quality with fantastic joystick and buttons.


I bought one on release, one of my fav handhelds, shame the 'sheep' bought the awful GBC with its awful screen.

Anyway here's my favourite games for this system.

Baseball Stars Color
King of fighters r2
Last Blade
Metal slug 1st mission
Metal Slug 2nd mission
Nero Turf Masters
Pocket Tennis Color
Puzzle Bobble Mini
Samurai Spirits 2
Snk vs cap on motm - best ngpc game IMO!
Sonic pocket adventure
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has the only Sonic title I ever really liked - great machine - I just haven't gotten into it


I will look at getting a few of these.

I have metal slug and sonic only.

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