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Multicart 64 now available for sale
« on: June 13, 2013, 14:01:35 PM »
Multicart 64

8-Bit Designs is now taking orders for the new Multicart 64, a C64 cartridge which contains 63 games, utilities, and applications. Some of the games are Attack of the Mutant Camels, Centipede, and Frogger; some of the utilities are C64 Diagnostic and Magic Mon; some of the applications are Facemaker, Calc Result, and Graf64 -- all easily accessible through a F-key menu. For the full list of programs included and pictures of the cart and screenshots, go to ... -sale.html

Here is what Charles Gutman of 8-Bit Designs has to say about Multicart 64 --

"My first run of Multicart 64 is done.

Here's the "Options List" for those that desire to fit it to their needs:

A) Chips soldered direct to board- the cheapest and simplest option for the vast majority of people for both cost and the fact that it can be fit into a cartridge casing very easily.... ;) (Most sales will come from this option I'm certain) $34.00

B)EPROM is "socketed." This option allows for the user to swap EPROM with others that they desire to program allowing for an even higher usage of the cartridge than from what it was originally designed for. $36.00

C) All socketed! I have no idea why anyone might want the board totally socketed unless they desire to replace the parts in the future or maybe use the board for other applications, however in the event that you do desire to have the whole board socketed, then this is your option! $38.00

D) Now this is the option that I know that a lot of people will be asking about as well -- direct to the board, but inside a cartridge casing with a label! $40.00

These prices include shipping to the lower 48 in the US. For shipping outside the US, contact me."

You can contact Charles at charlesgutman(at) Payment by postal money order or by Paypal. International orders by Paypal only. No credit cards through Paypal.

The Multicart 64 is based off of Fotios' FB-Jumbocart1, the prototype being last seen at the Commodore Vegas Expo in 2007. Fotios and Charles have worked on this to get it out to market.
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