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Request In Peace - New ZX Spectrum Homebrew!
« on: June 02, 2013, 14:38:58 PM »

[size=140]Klimacus always wanted a quiet place to work. So he opened his eyes when he saw an offer of employment for a Cemetery Keeper at night.

There he saw himself sitting all night playing with his console without any problems other than an occasional bunch of drunken teenagers or a satanic cult looking for bones to hold one coven.

But from the first day he realised that all was not as it seemed. Dead hands grew from his graves asking Klimacus for all kinds of objects that he must deliver.

If you do not get them in time then some of those dead will rise out of the graves in the form of spirits and come after you. He had no other choice but to get the wand and hunt the objects down to complete his mission.[/size]

[size=140]Also, sometimes the pantheons doors closed and trap objects so he must use his wand to open them again.

To make matters worse, the cemetery has swarming creatures that would make the unpleasant task even more complicated. Among them a sort of shadow appeared from time to time, that he
called IT, and it is dedicated to creating new graves with their corresponding dead capricious. So he had to run to catch him as soon as possible.

In his restless pacing, Klimacus should be careful not to step on tombs that had not been satisfied, otherwise the beings became invisible! Your task is to help Klimacus to make the hard work a bit easier![/size]

Request in'peace (RIP)

[size=140]The game is 128k only and can be played with keys, Kempston or a Sinclair Joystick. It is available to download for free in TAP/TSX format.

Code / Code: Climacus
Graphics / Graphics: Radastan
Music / Music: McNeil
Testing / Testing: Jordi Bayo & Javier Perez[/size]

[size=180]DOWNLOAD HERE![/size][/align:u0jthm45]


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