The Zelda CD-i Games

Started by TL, April 20, 2013, 23:55:24 PM

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The three Zelda games for the CD-i have long come under fire from the retro community, especially Nintendo fans, and are often called some of the worst games of all time. In fact Nintendo themselves seem to have totally forgotten these 3 games exist on their own timeline.

I have always thought this was a bit unfair ever since the day I first played them. They are very different games to the ones that appeared on Nintendo machines. They are not RPG's and instead they are side scrolling arcade adventures with lots of cheesy FMV.

So today I was interested to see that the Zelda Universe website have finally added an interview with the creator of two of these CD-i games and it makes very interesting reading, so take a look! ... lda-games/


Never played the games but a good read  :)


I played them, and even if I have to struggle with thr gameplay. I kinda like them, and that I read the interview I respect theteam behing them.



Brilliant stuff, not had the pleasure of playing them yet.. Maybe one day..

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Never played them either. Interesting take on Zelda. I had forgot about the Mario game shown at the end of the video.


The Mario is not bad ar all and quite challenging .... But for me lot of games are challenging as I am a terrible gamer.