Nintendo SNES Must have games

Started by Greyfox, February 29, 2012, 12:07:41 PM

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Great games listed so far. I would add Desert Strike and Jungle Strike. SimCity and SimAnt. Plus Aerobiz, Super Mario All-Stars and Uncharted Waters.


Not sure if mentioned but Super Double Dragon really is fantastic, rubbish visuals aside.


1. FF II
3. Breath Of Fire I
4. Breath Of Fire II
5. Street Fighter II
6. Ultimate Mortal Kombat III
7. Mario Kart
8. Killer Instinct


I unfortunately have not had the Snes since getting rid of it as a kid but I remember Biker move from Mars being an awesome game for it. I did think about acquiring the PS2 biker mice from Mars but apparently that is a rubbish game. :(


Long-time SNES gamer here. I could throw a few titles in:

1. Final Fantasy VI: The review I wrote for RVG summarizes my veneration for this game, a feeling that continues today. To me, FFVI is still fresh and exciting to play; it's timeless, and an essential part of any SNES collector's library.

2. Chrono Trigger: Same as above. Chrono Trigger was, in a way, what happens when two gaming giants (Square and Enix) combine forces. The battle system is innovative and keeps the action interesting, and the storytelling is superb, with plenty of twists to make things interesting.

3. Super Mario World: Mario's debut on the SNES is still as charming and fun to play as ever, with a sound game engine and tight, responsive controls.

4. Donkey Kong Country 2: My personal favorite of the series, DKC2 offered the same platforming perfection as its predecessor but with more imaginative level design and ramped-up difficulty.

5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: One of the best Zelda games ever made, ALTTP perfected the concept of the top-down overworld and it arguably hasn't been done any better since. Reaching back to the first Zelda for inspiration, Nintendo wrote Zelda into the annals of history with ALTTP and developed a pattern that would be followed faithfully for years.

Many other games would follow, of course. The SNES library is huge, rich, and diverse, but these are just a small sampling of some of my favorites.
- Ryan



I'd have thought so lol, classic game.

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I didn't really like Star Fox as I thought it was just too ambitious for the SNES. There's a great game there (the N64 version is quite something) but the frame rate just put me off. There's another excellent SNES game that was shackled by the hardware the same way - Stunt Race FX - and it's criminal it didn't get an update on N64 or Gamecube.


Do you know what the sales of Stunt Race FX were?  Maybe there weren't as high and Nintendo didn't think it would do well even if did get ported to the N64 or the GameCube.

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Think it was a bit of a sleeper which explains why it was a cul de sac. It was a great game though - despite the iffy framerate the handling was great and it played rather well. I suspect it has aged badly though. But I also believe that it would be great on a console that could do the concept justice.

The cars had a "squishy" feel to them and they warped slightly in a cartoonish way when they went around corners in  really pleasing way.