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New Virtual Boy Homebrew Fishbone
« on: January 02, 2013, 19:07:53 PM »

It's a freaking Christmas miracle. On Dec. 26th I booted up my notebook and found a file called "Fishbone.[Merry.Christmas].vb" on my Desktop. So I went and checked the security tapes. You guys won't believe it: A group of 6 Christmas-Elves showed up in my apartment and finished the game. I was pretty surprised at first but then deleted the file as I thought: "I don't need help of a freaking Christmas-Elf".

The next morning there was a new file called "Fishbone.[].vb". I checked the tapes again an the very same thing had happened. However, this time one of the Elves stared directly into the camera for half an hour after they were done. I thought to myself: "I'm afraid of no freaking Christmas-Elf" so I deleted the file again.

The next morning I found a file called "Fishbone.[Next.time.we.break.your.legs].vb". Obviously I checked the tapes again. After the elves were finished one went over to my couch and took a monster dump directly onto it.

So, I decided to not delete the game this time and release it instead. As the elves reprogrammed the game from the scratch in Python I can't make any changes to the game anymore, so please don't ask for it.

Some cheats of the game:
- You can delete all highscores by pressing the left and right trigger during the Adjustment-Screen
- You can trigger the Credits-Screen early if you press left and right trigger during the Start-Screen
- You can deactivate the collision detection if you press up on both D-Pads during the Start-Screen

About the card release:
I can't tell if the quality is high enough for a card release. However, I think it is as good as the Blox and Soviet Union games which are high quality games in my opinion. However, a card release will only happen if there is an interest. So if you want the game on a card just post it in this thread, this is not a pre-order though. Everything else will be figured out later.

OK, as I said: I can't change the game anymore because of the Elves. Ask the Elves if you want changes. I will remove the Elf-Shit from my couch and play with my WiiU.

Happy New Year Everyone

Download from here. ... 0&start=20
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