[C64 Demo] MD202112 - Humbug 2

Started by aNdy/AL/Cosine, December 17, 2021, 20:46:23 PM

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Today Cosine releases my simple little Xmas demo. It's called 'MD202112 - Humbug 2'. Just to perpetuate the myth that the Cosine Grotto is miserable!

Designed on PAL, but it does some basic detection, so should run on NTSC and Drean. Only tested for those machine in WinVice though.

T.M.R approved an earlier build of this from his hospital bed, not long before he died. R.I.P my friend...

Grab from the Cosine website here...

Or from CSDb here...

Download contains the demo on a .d64, along with all the source (ACME format) and work files.

Also, bah humbug!


Thanks for sharing bud, I will check it out.

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