Atari Jaguar CD Must Have Games

Started by TL, February 08, 2012, 21:37:23 PM

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Here is my top 15 must have Jaguar CD games in no order:

Battle Morph - A simply stunning sequel to the original pack-in game Cybermorph this follows the same space shooting/exploration theme but with bigger and more varied worlds, texture mapped 3D, better frame rate and a wonderfully melodic CD sound track. Best game available for the Jag CD.

Myst - This massive adventure game might have been released for a ton of different formats but for me the Jag CD version is the best as it features more colours on screen than most of its contemporaries, save game facility and far better loading times too which is the bain of some of the other versions.

Impulse X - At time of writing this hasn't been released but as soon as it has I just know its going to quickly become a massive favourite of mine as this is a souped up Arkanoid clone with the ability to create your own levels!

Iron Soldier 2 - It's also available as a more expensive cartridge but the CD version rules for the obvious reasons of having much better sound with some great music, save game to memory track and a great intro. A very worthy sequel to the original IS.

Jaguar Hockey - This is actually just a CD version of the game Brett Hull Hockey but with an altered name to avoid copyright infringement as it was a hobby release a few years ago. Features cinepak video sequences and much better sound over the cart version and a few minor gameplay differences.

World Tour Racing - Programmed by Teque (Krysallis London) it corrects everything Checkered Flag did wrong. It has super smooth and very fast texture mapped 3D graphics, a great soundtrack and tons of great tracks too.

Vid Grid - Originally this game came free with the Jag CD and its a bloody awesome version of those sliding puzzle games you had as a kid only using cinepak videos by the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Peter Gabriel.

Hoverstrike: Unconquered Land - Much better than the cart version and probably the one game that pushes the Jag more than any other. Always wows people when I put it on at shows with its incredible lighting effects and super smooth texture mapped polygons.

Soul Star - Brilliant update of the already excellent Mega-CD game with some beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack. The only Core Design game that was finished for the system it never got an official release but can be got hold of very easily.

Gorf - You will have to pay a fair whack to get hold of it but when you do you have the only arcade perfect console port out there and a game that you will never tire of. Went down an absolute storm in the high score compo at Retro Gaming Revolution last year.

Baldies - Absolutely no reason for this to be a CD game but its still amazingly engrossing nontheless. Think Command & Conquer but with cartoon style graphics and you are pretty close. Was later ported to the PS1 in a simplified form.

Painter - Simple homebrew strategy / puzzle game that is not only amazingly fun to play but also fiendishly addictive. Its one of those games that will just grow on you the more you play it. Was programmed by legendary ST PD team Sinister Developments.

Primal Rage - Ok its also been converted to loads of other systems but the Jag version is the best one with some superb animation, loads of detail and all the moves from the arcade original. Horrid loading times though.

Robinson's Reqiuem - The most recent commercial game to be released for the system, picked up by Songbird years after being finished, its the best version of the game by far. It has a superb fully textured mapped polygon enviroment and is as big an adventure game as you are going to find from this period.

Highlander - Real marmite game this one everyone seem to either really hate it or really love it. I am in the latter group (I love marmite too!). It uses absolutely incredible looking rendered backdrops with overlayed polygon sprites, much like Alone In The Dark or Resident Evil, and features over an hour of cinepak video helping to tell the story.


Fantastic stuff.. Must look out for those..

Never got hold of a CD addon.. Might try and get one sooner rather than later.

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I think I like Vid Grid best for my Jaguar CD.  It has Nirvana in it!  = Awesome.



Quote from: "Arethius_RGC"Impulse X is just great

Agreed!  :113:


thanks but maybe I'm not objective I love the Breakout clone


Very useful that ! I have ZERO games for my Atari Jaguar (only bought it in Feb and disappointingly it didn't come with any) and need to pick up a few.

When I have been looking around, AJ games do seem rather pricey


Yeah if you're just starting out collecting for the Jag it's gonna get expensive!  :)


Quote from: "Shadowrunner"Yeah if you're just starting out collecting for the Jag it's gonna get expensive!  :)

Cheers for that - and I definitely will use the advice !


Quote from: "thedamnedunited"
Quote from: "Shadowrunner"Yeah if you're just starting out collecting for the Jag it's gonna get expensive!  :)

Cheers for that - and I definitely will use the advice !

No problem  :)


There is a good list of online stores in the marketplace section  :16: