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SNES Style USB Joypad

By Various Manufacturers



Review by

Douglas Titchmarsh

Playing retro games on the PC is a great way to relive those memories of your favourite games, but somehow it didn't feel right to me to be playing with a modern joypad. I had a decent PC pad, it felt wrong to play a NES game on it. I tried an original Xbox controller, which I find an excellent pad, but still not giving me the retro vibe. Then an Ebay search turned up the Retro USB SNES Styled Pad. It was cheap and looked right so I ordered one.

It arrived quickly and once plugged in was immediately recognised and ready to configure for my retro games playing. It felt right, the buttons and direction pad felt like an old style pad and all was right in my retro gaming world. Just one thing bugged me, it just didn't quite have the feeling of quality of a real NES or MegaDrive pad. The feeling has since proved right.

After a week of casual gaming (not heavy usage) the select and start buttons stuck down. It was a little frustrating, but a screwdriver and 10 minutes had the sticky buttons back in their rightful places and working again. I don't think this will be the last running repair I will have to make on the pad though. Inside the quality is lacking, but that's what cheap prices gets you.

So the USB PC Retro Gaming Controller Joypad Snes Style Pad works as it should and is made down to a price. As always you're getting what you pay for and no more. For casual gaming it gives a decent retro feel, but definitely not recommended for hardcore use. There are other designs available on Ebay too, and one of those may be better quality but I'm guessing they're all basically the same under the skin.

Rating: 5/10

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