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Those are really cool! How long did it take to make them?

Thx  :D  i guess each video about 30 - 40 hours?

After i did some time ago a few Lego stop motions about the jump'n run games Super Mario and Giana Sisters, which rather relate to the genre „let's play“ and correspond to pure Lego – conversions, i decided now to allow myself a little more independence from the originals and i created my new videos more parodistic and with some slapstick elements  8)

That means, i took some models from the arcade – gaming machine age from the late 70's, early 80's and transfered them into the Lego – theme „Classic Space“ (where the helmets didn't have visors yet  ;)).

Part 1 is about the game „Tron“ (Midway Games, 1982), to be more concrete, the section „Light Cycles“. This setting might be well-known to some of you from the same-called Movie, too.

Part 2 is about the mother of all space-shooters: the indestructible „Space Invaders“ (Taito, 1978). This one still exists in different versions as (smartphone-) browser game, by the way.

The clips are relatively short, but hopefully crispy ;) There is a small dancing-scene as intro, the background to this is in each case differently, and designed according to the typical Classic Space colour combinations.

Short outlook: Parts 3 and 4 will be uploaded in the next weeks (Galaxian, Pac-Man)  :)

Thanks, Trek.

Here is Lego Tetris . . .

Lego Super Mario Gameboy World 1-2:

Retro News & Chat / Re: Lego Super Mario Gameboy - Stop Motion!
« on: November 17, 2017, 18:07:59 PM »
Thanks for the positive feedback  :)

Update 25.12.: part 2 is finished, link further down!

Update 24.01.: i think it is not worth that i start a new thread because i did a Lego Tetris gamplay. . . link further down!

This stop-motion is a Lego gameplay from the Nintendo Gameboy classic game "Super Mario Land" from 1989.
All graphics and writings, except the first few seconds of the intro, are made of Lego bricks – and if necessary, adjusted in size (e.g. writings on the top).

I used to turn the colour of the settings into "sepia" - at the end of the clip you can see the original colours, by the way.

And here is Stage 6, the last part so far.
I made some little changes and improvements, but not concerning the gameplay - because i fail badly at one place  :o

Thanks  :D

The 5th stop motion clip starring Giana features some small improovements concerning the scenery and graphics and a more dynamic and longer (over 90 seconds) gameplay. Secret room and easter egg included  ;D

Here is Lego Gameplay Stage 4 . . . this one is pretty short - but at the end of the level Giana faces for the first time a serious opponent.
This stage is definitly dedicated to all those who have a little arachnophobia  :o

Retro News & Chat / Re: Giana Sisters: Lego Gameplay / Brick Movie
« on: June 01, 2017, 16:54:34 PM »
Thank you for the positive feedback! I estimate it took me about 40 hours to finish the clip.

Yes, there is a relation from Nintendo to this game - they regarded it as a "Super-Mario clone" and wanted to take the producers to court. So to avoid this, the producers took the game out of sale and not many original copys of the game do exist, but lots of illegal copys. As far as i know, the game was never sold on the US market.

Update 26.08.: new clip - link further down!

I'm quite sure that everybody in this forum knows Giana Sisters and has been playing this game.
I did so maybe a year ago (a emulated version) and suddendly i had the idea to build the settings in Lego, and started to think about making a stop-motion-video . . .

So here is my Giana Sisters Lego Gameplay . . . this is the newest clip, Stage 3:

My little YT-Channel is called "Mitch78's Bricky Retro Gameplays" (also including Intro and Stages 1 + 2) and i am planning to continue the Giana Sisters theme a little bit, but i also have ideas for more stuff - that means more Lego gameplays from other retro games  ;)

You can find some more information on YT at the description of the clips - or otherwise feel free to ask!
By the way, pattern is the Amiga-Version of the game (same as the sounds)

Introductions / Hi @ all
« on: May 30, 2017, 22:26:38 PM »

i am Vercingetorix, 38 years old and a passionate Amiga player.
Unfortunatley only a few original games are still running on my old Amiga (which i got as a child for chrismas in 1989), so nowadays i usually play emulated games.
My all-time-favourite is "Axl's Magic Hammer".

I also registered in this forum because i am working on a Lego gameplay from Giana Sisters an until now i finished four clips.
I already got some positive feedback on Youtube, and maybe some of you might be interested in watching my stuff.
Could it be fitting if i would therefor open a thread in Gaming Galaxy - Retro Youtube Forum?

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