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Retro News & Chat / Game soundtracks
« on: May 06, 2015, 21:13:36 PM »
While talking with a few mates about our favorite game soundtrack i realised mine is Castlevania Symphony of the Night without a shadow of a doubt.
Living away in digs in shitehole town the only escape was tanking cheap stella a few spliffs and many a good game night,and it was so many moons ago living in salford and partaking of multiplayer worms and spying through the haze of a woodbine i heard the spectacular awesomeness of symphony of the night's phenomenal aural delights for the 1st time.This would begin an appreciation...nay obsession of the soundtrack to this also awesome game.I'm sure all of us on this fine forum have succumbed to rabid near crazy behaviour to get that,which we covet most... as a a game?
.. :113:

So fellow forumites what is YOUR fave game music/soundtrack?

Retro News & Chat / Old Magazines
« on: April 03, 2015, 22:15:43 PM »
While pondering on ebay the other day i decided to have a look at what old computing/games magazines were on there,and was blown away when i noticed the 1st gaming magazine i ever purchased as a kid.A 1986 copy of atari user in pristine condition and was overcome with nostalgia and thought what the hell  :111: ...roll on today and i realised it's a sodding bank holiday.So im know feeling like a kid at christmas counting down the days until i can rip the wrapping off.
Ah well happy easter all.

Commodore Chat / CD Drives
« on: January 29, 2015, 17:43:33 PM »
Alright lads.
 Can any cd player be used for a 1200 if somebody could make a cable?Or is there firmware within the cdtv and cd32?I know you can just flash media but i just think an Amiga with a cd drive is  cool,i was repeatedly told in Amiga format and Amiga action that cd was the future.So was it worth having a cd drive back in the day and also would any cd drive work or would it need to have certain specs to work with the Amiga?

Retro News & Chat / How do i go about insuring my gear?
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:12:52 AM »
As the title says how would i insure my stuff?
Now some may laugh but i woke up this morning having had a very realistic dream of having all my game stuff and onlythat stolen.I swear i woke up shouting 'bastards' while shaking.
So have any of you guys got any tips how to value my games and systems for insurance purposes?

Introductions / Hello
« on: October 21, 2014, 14:39:15 PM »
Hi all just like to say thanks for accepting me into this fine forum,my name is jamie,my hair is greying but i still love my games like i did as a kid.Unfortunatley my vice these days is import saturn games and they cost a wee bit more than the budget commodore 64 tape games i played as a nipper.
Anyway just wanted to say the site is great and i look forward to participating in some healthy discussion about our beloved pastime.

  Cheers Jamie

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