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Retro News & Chat / WIP Game Gear LED backlight
« on: September 07, 2014, 17:47:49 PM »

So this is my first prototype Game Gear LED backlight.
I've used 8 PLCC2 cool white LEDs for this. They are running quite low power currently, although they are brighter than the image alludes to. I can optimise this for the next attempt which will be 12 LEDs (4 x 3).

My aim is to keep this as low power as possible (I know, I know, 12 LEDs right!) and to achieve a decent screen illuminance which is both bright and uniform.
The second stage will be to incorporate a PWM circuit which will attempt to address some of the motion blur issues seen in fast moving games.

After checking the potential sources in the Game Gear, I noticed it had 34V and 5V circuits.
I originally tried the LEDs in series at 34V, in situe, but it was too power hungry and tripped the protection circuit in the PSU regulator IC.
This board is actually running from a 9V external supply at the moment.
The internal 5V feed powers the 200VAC transformer for the current backlight so I'm hoping this will have more guts.
Ideally I'll remove the surplus components first. I do not want to do this on my current Game Gear though, hence the request for scruffy old units.

I'll update this thread as I progress


Handheld & Tabletop Chat / Looking for donor Game Gears for new project
« on: August 28, 2014, 12:40:42 PM »
I hope this is the right place for a request of this nature. I thought either here or the Technician Lab area but this isn't a post about the actual project.

So, I've got a new idea in mind with an aim to reduce motion blur on the Game Gear display. This will go hand in hand with an LED backlight mod. Investigating whether I can apply the motion blur reduction to the Game Gear tech is the next step.
I'm just putting the feelers out for some units to work on. These can be in any state really, preferably in some kind of working order.
If anyone has a scruffy old unit (or two) they want to get rid of then I'd be very interested.


Retro News & Chat / Discoloured Dreamcast Options.
« on: August 25, 2014, 19:45:38 PM »
So, I've got a Dreamcast here that has gone a lovely shade of beige at the front of the top cover.
Its actually my original one that I bought in 1999.

I want to do something about it and I have two options in mind:

1) Retr0bright. I've tried this procedure before with a Comode 64 tape deck. It worked a treat. I keep meaning to apply this to my Amigas too.

2) A mod that I've always fancied doing to a Dreamcast is to rework the casing to bring it inline with SEGA's previous consoles i.e. make it black!
I'm not talking a bit of snide B&Q gloss and paintbrush. It'd be a proper job with ideas taken from the Master System, Mega Drive and Saturn units. This is the most appealing option to me.

What do you reckon? Do any of you guys have any experience/advice regarding both options?


PS, yes thats discoloured with a u  :P

I've been looking through some of the older threads and there are some quite interesting ones.

As I'm new here I don't want to upset folk by rocking protocol so, whats the score with posting in old topics? Is it better to start a new thread or is it better to include the earlier discussions and revive old ones, regardless of age?



Introductions / All Your Base Are Belong to Us!
« on: June 27, 2014, 19:02:17 PM »

Just joined. Thought it would be polite to post a quick message here...

I'm into old consoles, anything pre PS1 really. The 16 bit wars being a particular highlight (staunch Mega Drive, for the record).
Machine progression for me has been Speccy, Master System, Mega Drive, Jaguar, PS1, Dreamcast, XBOX, XBOX 360.
Own loads of others that I'm pretty fond of including PCE, Amiga 500, Saturn, SNES.

I'm not a huge Nintendo fan and I will preach the awesomeness of the Mega Drive if provoked :-) (don't worry, I'm not a hardcore Sega fanboy gaylord but I do enjoy the associated banter)

Collection wise, theres nothing major. I am currently aiming for a complete PAL 1988 - 1990 Mega Drive release collection. Nice and simple.

Anyway, I've tried to keep this brief but feel free to comment and I'll hopefully speak to most of you in good time.

Take it easy

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