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Retro News & Chat / How is it pronounced again....?
« on: November 16, 2017, 21:41:38 PM »
I was listening to a Podcast today about retro 1st person shooters on PC. Obviously ID Software cropped up.

I was surprised to hear the two presenters pronounce id Software, as in skid, idiot, pyramid etc...
I always though it was ID as in eye-dee.

Am I in the minority here? I'd be interested to hear what others think.

Retro News & Chat / Arcade Club : Bury
« on: November 12, 2017, 21:31:08 PM »
So this place has been just up the road from me for a while now (were talking <2 miles!) and I've finally managed to check it out this afternoon:

I went along with my two brothers. I thought it would be good but it exceeding all my expectations. Its awesome!
We spent about 4hrs in there but could easily lose 8hrs+ without even batting an eyelid.
There must be around 200 machines; far too many to list here, all dedicated cabs.
A few honourable mentions:
Hellfire, R-type, R-type Leo, Galaga, Raiden II, Bomb Jack, Outrun, Star Wars, Final Fight, Tempest, Super Off Road, Donkey Kong, Sega Rally, Point Blank 1 & 2, Mercs, Crazy Taxi, Soul Caliber, the list goes on...........

This was definately a hit with us and we can't wait to go back again.
Thouroughly recommended if you live in the north west.

Retro News & Chat / What Would Make the Ultimate 'Throwback' Console?
« on: July 25, 2017, 08:17:43 AM »
We've seen a lot of re-issue/re-make/throwback consoles over the years; stuff like the OUYA, Retron 5, ZX Spectrum Vega, Atari Flashback, even Sega Forever would fall into this bracket. An eclectic mix of ideas but as far as i can tell most of them fall far short of the mark.

The Official Nintendo Classic series seems to have took the bull by the horns and delivered (and will deliver..!) what people expect.

But what do we actually want? Do we even know? What would make the ultimate retro machine?

A software app with a subscription to digital distribution?
Dedicated hardware based on original designs with FPGA based emulation. Built in games and/or subscription based service.
Single or multi format? Developer or distributor based?
Exact replica Bluetooth controllers?
Would we buy physical media?
Do we want new games on new systems based on old franchises and gameplay?

I just don't know...

Atari Chat / One for the Jaguar elite
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:32:13 AM »
This track sounds very similar to one found in an Atari Jaguar game. Can you think which....?
Listening recently I thought "that sounds familiar", then it hit me! (although I've not actually checked if I'm right yet.....)

Retro News & Chat / A retro state of affairs: Your opinion...
« on: May 03, 2017, 20:31:58 PM »
So I've been thinking recently about how anything 'retro', particularly video games, has gotten so popular. I guess as generations reach an age where we earn an income we think back to cool stuff we wanted as a kid that we are now in a position to buy.
The problem here is that these cool things are based on a 10 year old's mindset in an era where they're not retro at all but cutting edge tech. I always wanted the latest stuff.
Think of it this way; if your 10 year old self appeared in the present day and was confronted by XBOX ONE, PS4, iPads, smart phones, OLED TVs, 4K, IMAX [etc, the list goes on] what would the reaction be when you decide to show yourself the collection of 'retro' you've been forking out for. I think I'd kick my own arse!

I like the old games I've got. I enjoy farting around with the old systems. But being realistic a lot of the games are shit. Why am I buying over priced shit off greedy eBay sellers that give false value to 'mega rare' games? I dunno?

Are we gearing up for the collapse of the retro bubble? Probably. I think things will take a rapid shift to the opposite extreme and our generation will once again want cutting edge technology. Augmented reality, personal networks, live newspapers, automated cars; its all coming...

Atari Chat / Jaguar Fault! Have you seen this before?
« on: February 04, 2017, 20:22:08 PM »
Hi guys! Not been around the retro community for a bit due to limited time but managed to dig out my Jaguar today for a blast.
Unfortunately it appears to be knackered and before I start poking around in it I thought I'd post here first.

The power LED illuminates as soon as I apply the PSU input. Pressing the power button has no effect, the LED stays on regardless (power button does seem to be 'clicking' between on/off states). This happens with and without a cartridge in.
Its not acting as though its powered normally either, as I cant tune it into the TV.

What do you think about that? On face value it doesn't appear to be any of the common faults.
Anyone know of any good resources I can check out, or have seen this issue before?

All the best!

Nintendo Chat / Super Star Wars
« on: August 02, 2016, 10:14:33 AM »
So, Super Star Wars on the SNES is my go to game at the moment whenever I get a few minutes to spare for gaming.
Currently I'm battling with the Sandcrawler level. There are some quite nasty platform sections toward the end (well I'm hoping its the end...!) with instant death waiting for you if your judgement is out! Hopefully I can beat this section tonight.
Also, the green laser barriers are a pain in the arse (or ass, if you like :^])

Anyone else feeling the love for this game and can anyone provide any tips?

Retro News & Chat / Universal Game Case (UGC)
« on: July 19, 2015, 21:52:57 PM »
Has anybody used these? I was looking at the ones on Game Seek. ... Games-ONE-

I think they'd be quite smart for the loose N64 carts I've got. Covers can be found online too.

Retro News & Chat / Sega Mega Drive UK Launch Titles
« on: July 19, 2015, 20:45:52 PM »
So, I've not been very active in the retro gaming community recently due to other life commitments (OU degree and a new baby!), but it looks like I'll be able to pick up on a couple of unfinished projects over the next few months. Winner!

I had started to get together a collection of UK Mega Drive launch titles so I've picked up on this again, getting my hands on a few more games recently. Currently up to 14 of 18.

1   Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
2   Altered Beast
3   Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
4   Forgotten Worlds
5   Ghouls'n Ghosts   
6   Golden Axe
7   Last Battle
8   Mystic Defender
9   Rambo III
10   Revenge of Shinobi
11   Space Harrier II
12   Super Hang-On
13   Super League Baseball
14   Super Thunder Blade
15   Thunder Force II   
16   Truxton
17   World Cup Italia '90
18   Zoom!

Black font are the games I own, red font are the ones I need to buy (the pricey ones!, apart form Zoom!)
All excellent condition and complete in box.

I plan to have a good go at completing all these and reviewing each. Makes for a tidy little collection I reckon.

I'm trying to avoid the stoopid BIN prices on eBay on the remaining games so if anyone has these that they are happy to sell to a collector that'd be cool.

Any one else have small target collections they're aiming for?

There has been some discussion recently of an idea I had to bring some group gaming sessions to the RVG boards.

The plan is to kick this off in January so register your interest and propose some ideas you'd like to see, here.
(This is somewhat of a repost from another part of the forum therefore some of you may have already seen it, however, it makes sense to have its own thread)

In the meantime we already have the Carol Vs the World Championship running this month, with a dedicated RVG league, so go check that out and get some scores on the board.
Access to the game is provided in the main page of the thread so it couldn't be simpler to join in.

Ok, so to try and get the RVG Gaming Collective running I'm going to propose a format and an example with some further ideas.
Please comment on anything you like/dislike but remember the aim is to keep this as casual as possible for the time being. We don't want to fall into the trap over complicating it from the start.
I'm encouraging member input at this point.

RVG Gaming Collective

The Aim:
To bring together like minded retro gamers for casual gaming sessions and to actively play and discuss chosen games periodically.

The Premise:
  • Based on 1 game every 4 weeks.
  • Week 1 will be used to propose and select a game to play.  I'm not sure of the selection process yet, this could be by a poll of classic games per developer/publisher or a random selection of member suggested games.
  • Weeks 2 - 4 will be for game time.
  • Original hardware and emulation to be used. On this premise, games should be chosen to reflect the current state of emulation. I want everybody to be able to get involved.
  • The game chosen will be the subject, not the hardware, therefore all ports of the chosen game (if any) can be played.
  • Any competitive aspects can be proposed using a games unique attributes e.g. high scores for Galaga, speed runs for Sonic etc..

  • The game, Shinobi, is chosen from a list of classic Sega arcade games by member poll
  • Any and all ports of the game are played and enjoyed at each members discretion
  • Discussion topics arise regarding the games merits, shortfalls, port quality, difficulty, nostalgia, emulation quality, etc.
  • Any high scores and/or bonus stage successes are logged in the threads first page
  • We all decide how much we like Shinobi
  • Rinse and repeat with newly selected game

Further Ideas
  • Occasional special features can be incorporated e.g. USA Vs ROW competition, holiday specials, regional releases UK USA JAP etc...
  • Member reviews of chosen games submission
  • Homebrew challenges
  • Games chosen by member retrospectives. Classic games chosen by members with reviews, synopsis and why its special to them.
  • RVG Gaming Collective could evolve into 1 game every 2 or 3 weeks with the selection of the subsequent game running in parallel.

Thats not exhaustive but its a start. Let me know what you think.


Retro News & Chat / Have we tried a 'lets all play' before?
« on: December 02, 2014, 12:55:20 PM »
I've had a quick look through the forum but haven't come across anything. That's not to say this hasn't been mentioned or tried before.

I quite like the idea of choosing a game that we all play for x amount of time (say, a month or so..?) and then chatting about how we're getting on with it. Maybe some high scores, achievements, tips etc. Nothing intense as I'm sure we're on limited time generally. It might just provide a nice conversation topic periodically.

I'm not suggesting any competition but you can get competitive if you like I guess.
Games can be suggested as and when.
Any game, any format.
A nice and leisurely approach.

Does that float anyone's boat?

If so this is game one, it ties in with another comp so a double whammy this one..

Marketplace / WANTED: PAL Mega Drive Games
« on: November 06, 2014, 12:54:38 PM »
Now then;

I'm after some particular PAL Mega Drive games to complete a UK PAL launch set

1) Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
2) Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
3) Forgotten Worlds
4) Ghouls'n Ghosts
5) Mystic Defender
6) Super League Baseball
7) Super Thunder Blade
8) Thunder Force II
9) World Cup Italia '90
10) Zoom!

Complete and in good condition would be preferred as I like a nice looking collection.
I've checked these out on Ebay but I have no idea where these people pluck their prices from. It's ridiculous.

If you can help me out I'd be forever grateful. Can either pay or trade if you're looking for something yourself, just ask :-)


Retro News & Chat / Hammer Away: Unreleased Sega Arcade Game Found
« on: November 05, 2014, 12:41:57 PM »
Just spotted this on SegaBits;

An unreleased Sega arcade shmup from 1991 call Hammer Away.
Should be available for MAME soon. I can't wait to get this ROM loaded up! Whether its complete or not I dunno??

Although, with a cynical view, maybe there was a reason it was unreleased, lol.

Retro News & Chat / ESWAT
« on: October 18, 2014, 23:30:50 PM »
I love this game. The Mega Drive version in particular.
I'm trying to think what the first Mega Drive game I played was. I think it was this...

My mates older brother had an import console with this game and it blew me away.
It has a lot to answer for, lol.

I'm not familiar with the arcade version though. What's it like in comparison?

Retro News & Chat / Sega Mega CD II repair
« on: September 27, 2014, 23:56:27 PM »
So, I've got a Mega CD II I'm trying to repair. It just doesn't power up.

After inspection I found a blown internal fuse (quite common I understand) but also a dodgy 5v regulator (spitting out 6v) and also a blown darlington transistor (switches power to regulator with vcc feed from Mega Drive edge connector).

I've replaced the fuse and regulator but I'm struggling to find an alternative transistor. I think it's Q301 and the device is 2BS963 iirc (ill edit when I've checked...)

Hopefully, when I replace this, the machine will be up and running again.

Does anyone else have experience of Mega CD II faults?

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