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Other Systems / Re: Launch Line-Ups
« on: February 10, 2013, 19:51:57 PM »
Alien Crush is the business. The PC-Engine is a brilliant console that punches way about its weight - it would have been mind-blowing to have back in the day.

Sony Chat / Re: Sony PlayStation 1 - Must Have Games
« on: February 10, 2013, 13:04:26 PM »
I got the PS1 to play Parappa which seems a bit weird now - but back then there was nothing like it. But I got loads more for it - here's my favourites:

Parappa the Rapper The famous rhythm action game - still looks and plays good and has loads of charm.
Bishi Bashi Special - nutty boy mini game comp
Devil Dice - little devils rolling dice around
Kurushi and Kurushi Final - splendid 3D puzzle - run around a flat plane dealing with rolling cubes and avoiding getting squashed.
Landmaker - isometric puzzle with arcade mode and PS1 exclusive absorbing puzzle mode
Gradius Gaiden - was a PS1 exclusive. Best in series.
Metal Slug X - lots of nice extra features to enjoy.
No one can stop Mr Domino - hard to describe really - kind of an obstacle race game with puzzle element.
Power Diggerz - JCB sim but in a nice weird Japanese arcade style - uses all PS1 controller buttons.
Puchi Carat - cross between Arkanoid and Bust a move - special edition comes with a paddle controller.
R-Type Delta - great entry in the series that still looks quite lovely in a pixelly jaggy way - and PAL gamers got full screen too.
Tempest X3 - slight variation on T2K - Minter approved for what it's worth. T2k mode unlockable.
Vib Ribbon - excellent, charming rhythm game- generates levels from any CD.
Wipeout 3 SE - best version all told. 2097 is very nice too though.
In The Hunt - lovely submarine shmup in the style of Metal Slug.
Xevious 3D/G More Xevious that you will ever need. Main game is a semi-3D version that keeps the great shmupping gameplay intact and still looks quite good because of the Xevious style is kept - but the icing on the cake is the traditional versions that accompany it - Xevious, Super Xevious and Xevious Arrangement are here in all their glory too.

Sega Chat / Re: The Sega Dreamcast Thread
« on: February 10, 2013, 12:22:21 PM »
I think you are pretty much spot on there....people like us look for new IP and when someone is brave enough to publish it not enough people buy it - gaming is maybe going the way of the music industry with the majority of stuff produced for the mainstream being pretty bland but well made.

The new publishing models can come to the rescue which is great in one way - but the absence of physical copies is bad news for collectors.

In my earlier mini-rant I named EA - that was maybe a bit unfair - I was using them as representative of that part of the industry and market that just seems happy to churn out and consume the low risk, low innovation stuff that just doesn't interest me.

Sega Chat / Re: The Sega Dreamcast Thread
« on: February 10, 2013, 11:49:49 AM »
Out of date collection pictures - have a few more than this - need to update my pics.

Sega Chat / Re: The Sega Dreamcast Thread
« on: February 10, 2013, 11:39:31 AM »
Quote from: "nakamura"
Sports games always have been and always will be vital to a console. Hence Fifa being one of the biggest selling games every year.  :)

more's the pity - the only purpose of EA sports games seems to be making the good stuff stick out on pre-owned shelves.

To be fair I was quite surprised when I tried their golf game - it is rather good and the Wii M+ version is excellent. They also pushed out the splendid Boom Blox for example - but my beef is that the segment of the market they tend to aim that is in danger of drowning out any innovation and new IP in the rest of the market.

Sega Chat / Re: The Sega Dreamcast Thread
« on: February 10, 2013, 10:27:41 AM »

Other Systems / Re: The VM Labs Nuon
« on: February 09, 2013, 20:34:04 PM »
Yeah - the Merlin racing looks OK though I played Diddy Kong Racing a lot back in the day so it probably doesn't have anything over that.

I'm a sucker for Tetris and Space Invaders though so if I do get it sorted I'd probably get those and that marble puzzle game - Ballistic I think its called. Have that for Ps1 but its a nice game and would be worth adding to a small collection.

Iron soldier 3 seems to be in the daft rarity league and that's on Playstation anyway. T3K is the star attraction really.

Retro News & Chat / Re: Let's Compare: 1942
« on: February 09, 2013, 20:11:55 PM »
Looks just like the PS1 Capcom Generations but I've no idea which version plays better - although the PS1 version doesn't have the little piece of artwork bottom right in the status area. I have the PAL version which has vols 1-4 in one pack but of course its the old 50Hz problem and I have no idea if they run full speed (something I am quite paranoid about). I have a Breaker Pro disk that lets me play imports but also lets me force PAL games to run at 60Hz. Not all work with this feature but the Capcom Gens discs seem to work OK - but I can't vouch for speed accuracy without doing a comparison.

The Capcom Classics for PS2 (and others) has 1942 as well - haven't ever compared that for speed (or the Wii's VC version for that matter!) Capcom Gens actually has something over the later collection as it offers TATE mode with the Classics disc don't do though that really only matters if you using an older TV I suppose.

Other Systems / Re: The VM Labs Nuon
« on: February 09, 2013, 20:03:09 PM »
Yeah - I'm only really interested in T3K - there's the kart game which might be interesting but that would be it really.

Atari Chat / Re: Atari 7800 Thread
« on: February 09, 2013, 15:29:46 PM »
cool - will have a look around for one of those!!!

Other Systems / Re: The VM Labs Nuon
« on: February 09, 2013, 14:41:18 PM »
Quote from: "tomwaits"
Nice find! It should be easy to add a couple controller ports. I'd recommend adding connectors instead of wiring controllers directly to the terminals. Connectors are cheap and it would be easier to swap a broken controller if you ever needed to.

The Nuon has a few interesting games... Tempest 3000 and Iron Soldier 3 are my favorites. Merlin Racing is a pseudo-sequel to Atari Karts from the Jaguar. It's a nuisance that the memory card was never released though so you can't save high scores or progress. Some Nuon games use password save, but not all of them.

The N505 is one of the models that supports homebrews. I like Yaroze Classics better than most of the retail releases. You can download homebrews here:

The Nuon also has a great VLM. Play an audio CD and watch the trippy light show. I think the VLM of the N505 runs at a higher resolution than my N501 but the N505 has fewer video effects.

Didn't know you could get connectors - will have a look around for those. The article at the Nuon dome site states they are hard to find and that is what put me off proceeding with this. There is another site that has a guide to using mini DIN connectors that looks more feasible.

Was wondering about the whole PAL/NTSC thing with Nuon - does that matter? Would T3K run slower on a PAL machine? Doesn't seem to be PAL/NTSC setting in the menu.

I'm actually using the player as my 2nd DVD machine and I've played around with the VLM which is pretty good - I understand it has some interactivity too if a controller is connected. This has got me energised again in getting T3K up and running.

Other Systems / Re: Remember the good old days when . . . .
« on: February 09, 2013, 13:24:56 PM »
Type ins were legendary.

My first experience of those were Apple II game listing in early editions of C&VG...

Got Jet Set Willy for the 464 for 1.99 in the supermarket. Great times.

Other Systems / The VM Labs Nuon
« on: February 09, 2013, 13:16:58 PM »

Sega Chat / Re: Dreamcast Shmups
« on: February 09, 2013, 11:35:17 AM »
Quote from: "zapiy"
Yeah, never added Sturmwind as i have not played it yet.

You and me both!!! Hear delivery could be imminent though - actually excited about a game which I haven't been in a long time.

Gunbird 2 is probably my favourite but one thing really gets my on nerves about it. I have a VGA box for the DC and of course its one of the few that doesn't support it.

The DC-X disc can force some games into VGA - and it does with Gunbird 2 - but it glitches a bit - great shame - especially since I got hold of a rotatable monitor recently to try out its TATE mode!!!!

Still a great game though - can't be bothered hooking up the old RGB SCART so (shock horror) I play it through the s-video signal the VGA box has. PLay it with the DC stick too.

I love shmups but I'm quite crap at them - I can 1CC Gunbird 2 but only on the lower difficulty levels - I'm gradually working my way up to easy!!!

Gameplay-wise I really like it. Love the chaining coins mechanic and the different characters really play differently and add loads to the replay value.

Other Systems / Re: The 25 rarest and quirkiest game controllers ever
« on: February 09, 2013, 11:29:29 AM »
I have a couple of those Namco twisty gcon controllers for the PS1 - haven't really put a lot of time in on them though - should really.

I read recently that Tempest X3 is compatible with them which is interesting - must try that.

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