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Sega Chat / Re: The Sega Saturn Thread
« on: April 27, 2014, 23:57:26 PM »
Quote from: "dcultrapro"

Sony Chat / Re: Sony PlayStation One Discussion Thread
« on: April 27, 2014, 23:49:37 PM »
Just thought I would mention, on that front, the best way to play PSX games now is via the PCSX-R emulator and it's Peops plugin, if you have a decent video card that can output hdmi or component to your LCD tv.  A lot of purists believe you have to play on real hardware, but you're basically just beefing up the graphics capability of the original hardware; they're the same polygons that are being rendered.  It will work fine with an XBOX 360 controller, I usually use the regular one for Dual Shock games and a fight pad (that is made like a Saturn controller) for 2d ones.  It will make most 3d PSX games look like early PS2 games, it really is fantastic.

Also, just recommending a few games I haven't seen mentioned here (a few of which were not released in the UK):  Xenogears was probably my favorite RPG for the system (JP/US only), there is a very underrated SRPG called Kartia (or Legend of Kartia in the UK) with artwork by Amano (of FF1 through FFVI fame).  Altus had another great SRPG called Brigandine, as well.  I would also highly recommend the Klonoa games, they are very underrated 2.5d platformers, if you're into those.

Introductions / Hello from Ohio.
« on: April 27, 2014, 23:34:22 PM »
To start, I want to say I'm really glad I found this board.  I've tried a couple of other retro gaming boards in the past, but they tended to mostly consist of teenagers who are going back and playing these older games  now, not so much an older gamer type of crowd.  I was about to give up, and found this board, so I thought I'd ive it a shot.  Anyway, I'm mostly a hardcore Sega and classic Arcade fan (though I always picked up Nintendo consoles later, and foolishly bought a Jaguar  :P); my first console was a 2600 hand me down, a Master System was the first I bought with my own money.  From that time on, I was mostly a console and arcade guy, never got into PC games too much outside of the Amiga.

My favorite genres are shmups, rpgs, 2d platformers and 2d fighters, but I will play just about anything.  My favorite console of all time would probably be the much maligned Saturn, given that it had the best arcade-like controller and IMHO 2d fighter and shmup library of any console.  The last time I participated online much was in the Usenet and early GameFAQs days, and part of why I'm getting back now is that I'm trying to collect for older systems I never had growing up (Turbografx 16/PC Engine being a great example), as well as the fact that most of my friends have moved on with work/family and just don't play much these days.  My favorite arcade games are probably the classic Atari and Konami cabinets, as well as SNK fighters and beat 'em ups (KOF being my favorite of those)

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