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Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
August 22, 2014, 19:46:12 PM
I think we all have wishlists of games that should appear on the Jaguar. It's been that way for 20 years, I think it's mostly just wishful thinking. That's not poo-pooing ideas, but it's just reality after all these years, there's always been wishlists discussed about the Jag. There's very few people that can actually do the job required, and they only have so much time and resources available to bother. Instead we get a good homebrew once every five years, and in-between there we get goofy little 8-bit timewaster 'free-app-of-the-day' crap.
It's really stupid to sell it as one big lot anyway. After all this time that has passed, he could have been busily selling the stuff off individually and making a lot more money, if indeed he actually needed the money like he said.

There's been alot said about the seller calling his character into question. I'm not decided one way or another, but if he needed the money so bad for a family emergency he should have been in the process of finding other ways to sell the games at this point.

Also regarding the content of the collection itself, I never thought I'd be so underwhelmed by 11,000 games. It's almost nothing but sports titles.
That looks really fun.
Announcements and Feedback / Re: Sad day for RVG
July 26, 2014, 02:34:21 AM
@rush: I know its real selfish of me to say, but I really was looking forward to Heretic and you have a guaranteed sale here if you ever print a run. I appreciated all your Jaguar related posts. I thought it was really cool the video you made of the working voice modems. Sorry to see you go, and perhaps we'll meet again in the future.
Announcements and Feedback / Re: New Look RVG
July 22, 2014, 00:10:08 AM
I love the new frame!
Announcements and Feedback / Re: Sad day for RVG
July 20, 2014, 00:04:20 AM
That sucks, I enjoy his posts and his enthusiasm for Atari. I have never had any problems with Laird at any forum, I wish him well.
I don't like that people who can make it to Las Vegas get a special edition of the game, I mean I've bought every Jaguar game Songbird has released, plus a boatload of other Lynx and Jaguar items from his store over the past 12 years. I would like the special edition, but I can't go to Vegas.  :112:
I was really hoping for a side scrolling shmup judging from the tiny screens provided previously. But, I'll buy this since I have Protector SE and can play this little add-on. It could be the last Jaguar game released by Songbird, and I have them all, not going to stop now.
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
July 12, 2014, 22:58:50 PM
Quote from: "Tomleecee"Don't know if this has been posted before - Pop Rewind takes a hopelessly biased and ill-informed look at some of the Jaguar's unreleased titles. I'd never heard of Number 1, but rather than explore how cool these games could have been, the author seems to want to use the article as a vehicle to dump all over the Jag. As usual.
Is it just me or is atleast half of that blog post completely fabricated? It's about as credentialed as a global warming article these days.
Of course the better quality signal entered into an upscaler will come out better, that's how it works. My experience is that Composite still comes out kind of blurry through a scaler, but S-video comes out spectacular on my rig. I don't see anyone saying anything different.
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
July 03, 2014, 22:28:03 PM
A sealed pro controller is a mighty treasure though. Not saying it's worth that asking price, but if the guy sells it for that, more power to him.
Sega Chat / Re: The Sega 32X
June 28, 2014, 20:43:27 PM
I have a mint condition copy of Knuckles Chaotix and never played it. That is one nice looking game though. I'm not a huge Sonic fan I guess, but I should definitely play this game sometime.
So I'm reading this morning that every bid over $90,000 was backed out of. I'm also reading elsewhere alot of drama and trashtalking of the seller. Other collectors are really upset over his Guinness official record, and also the fact that the collection has only a handful of rare games and a bulk of sports games and other commons, but this information was not disclosed in the auction.
Introductions / Re: New to RVG, saying hello...
June 20, 2014, 19:45:57 PM

Atari rules.