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Got a new camera in the mail yesterday, and I am way behind on the technology. I haven't had a new camera since 2000, and that one had some internal storage and took this physically big memory card.

Now, with this new Canon powershot that I got, I put in a 2GB SD card and it keeps saying 'memory card error' on the viewing screen, and it won't take any pictures or shoot video. It also doesn't come with any instruction manual, I'm supposed to go to some link and download a pdf I guess. Anyway, basic question, I guess my memory card is no good? It won't even let me format the card. And I'm assuming that you can't do anything with a camera without an SD card inside of it nowadays? It seems like it doesn't have any internal storage, as I took the SD card out and it won't take any pictures, it just turns on and that's it.

The SD card I have is an old one by dane-elec, I think I should just start by buying a new one is my guess.
Retro News & Chat / Changing Cartridge Batteries
March 29, 2014, 17:07:55 PM
My SNES Super Mario World battery finally crashed, and I have no soldering equipment or experience soldering. But, I just watched this video and I think I can do this no problem:

Tutorial On How to Replace a SNES Super Nintendo Coin Cell Save Battery!

It really looks simple. I'm ordering a soldering kit and a battery ASAP
Retro News & Chat / 64bitRuss Game Collection Pictures
September 01, 2013, 18:51:05 PM
Since I just moved to a new apartment, I'm going to take new pictures of my gaming collection over time. I'll add pics once in awhile as I get to it. Today I have an Xbox game, and my Jaguar/CD games.

Steel Battalion boxed

Introductions / Hey. Love Atari especially Jaguar
June 26, 2013, 00:32:10 AM
Hi, I don't normally do introductions on forums, I usually just jump right into discussions and introduce myself that way. But, here we are, something new.

I have tons of old games and at least 30 years of experience playing video games, mostly with Atari consoles as they have and always will be my favorite machines. Lots of arcade experience as well, and something I sorely miss about the good ole days. Atari more than any of the other brands of consoles, helps keep those memories of the arcades alive for me. Nintendo and Sega have a nice place in my collection, just not the sentimentality.

As far as what I like to discuss when it comes to videogaming, I prefer the low-brow talk, like top-ten lists and gameplay discussions. I prefer the fun of playing games and talking about them afterwards, of comparing them to other games on other systems etc... Tech specs and programming are not my thing.

I will probably add pics of my collection someday. I plan on moving to a new apartment sometime this year, and then I will take fresh pictures. Anyway, not sure how much I'll post, but I will remain active as long as I see something I can add input to.