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Another shooter ?....Well why not but I am morewaiting Dynamite Dreams a Bomberman with lots of news fun game mode such as flag capture, bodyguard, mental calculation.... and more....
I'm managing a group order for the fans of the RGC. I can tell you customer support could be optimized, however as I work on a client support platform, I can tell you it is not as easy as it seems.

However I'm as impatient as you guys can't wait to play it. I could play a test version on the last RGC and I can insure you it is really worth playing.
General Retro Chat / Re: RetroN 5
April 22, 2013, 07:22:52 AM
Could be interessing in my future game room.... But I'm almost certain the PAL will be very badly supported... Like the Supaboy :(
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
April 21, 2013, 11:31:16 AM
It seems I have underestimated this game.
General Retro Chat / Re: The Zelda CD-i Games
April 21, 2013, 11:24:46 AM
I played them, and even if I have to struggle with thr gameplay. I kinda like them, and that I read the interview I respect theteam behing them.
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
April 19, 2013, 16:28:12 PM
I got the Cart could not even play one game.

And I haven't tried the hack even if I have the Skunkcard...
Atari Chat / Re: Atari Jaguar CD Must Have Games
April 19, 2013, 16:27:20 PM
thanks but maybe I'm not objective I love the Breakout clone
Atari Chat / Re: Atari Jaguar CD Must Have Games
April 19, 2013, 16:16:13 PM
Impulse X is just great
My must list on the CD-I

Lost Eden
The 7th Guest
L'Ange et le Demon
The Apprentice
Lucky Luke
Link the faces of Evil
Bunr Cycle
Chaos Control
Hotel Mario
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari Jaguar Thread
April 19, 2013, 15:27:57 PM
True hover Strike CD is nice and quite impressive if this quality would have been the overall quality of the games the Jaguar would certainally had another fate.

Hover Strike is quite enjoyable but not as much as Iron Soldier 2. Fy favorite mech simulation (beside Steel Battalion on xbox).

I change subject with a news. The hack for Brett Hull Hockey is available for download

This hack includes :

- The stats of over 800 recent NHL players
- new graphics
- Team up to 32 players
- One legend team
- news text commentaries
- 2 new teams
- upgraded individual speed of the players

official news

Introductions / Re: Hello from Paris France
April 18, 2013, 16:34:12 PM
Quote from: "The Laird"Welcome to the forum Arethius!

I met you at Jagfest UK in Rochester back in 2005, I still have some photos of you actually?

Wasn't it you who won everything there?

no it was Odie_one he won Defender and Total Carnange.

I won the Tempest Duel Tournament
Atari Chat / Re: Jaguar Game Reviews - A look back
April 18, 2013, 11:53:48 AM
In France, the reviews where quite different from honest to total bullshit.

But we did not got one riview for every Jaguar games, some games were never reviewed... Ex Brutal Sport Football, Iwar, Fewer Pitch Soccer, etc...
Introductions / Hello from Paris France
April 18, 2013, 11:47:08 AM

I'm Guillaume (aka Arethius_RGC) born in Paris - France - in 1980. I'm video game collector since the age of 15. Before I was not allowed to have a video game console.
I came to this site  via the Forum

My first console was the Nintendo NES then I got Atari Jaguar (which remains one of my favorite) then I have sold my console to buy others, in 1999 I started the collection.
My ambition as a collector to have all video game console with at least one game I like on it.

My favorite consoles Atari Jaguar, CD-I, Playstation One, Sega Megadrive.

My collection upto date is more or less :
- 50 gamings systems
- 900 games
- 150 accessories
- 200 others items (t-shirt, pin's, OST, poster, books, ...)

But I'm not only a collector, I'm also play an active part in the Retro-video gaming community in France.

In 2002 I joined a Atari Jaguar community in France and together we organized the first Jaguar Connexion (JC) then we organised 5 of them until 2006. In this year we founded the Retro-Gaming Connexion Association (which I am the President) and we splitted the JC in two conventions :
- the AC : originally an ATARI based convention, now a retro video computer convention
- the RGC : a global retro gaming convention.

Now we organise five conventions per year:
- the Mecha Gaming Convention: a mecha themed convention with a Steel-Battalion lan-party (last year 16 steel battalion), but also Virtua On, Iron Soldier...
- the AC : the retro video computer convention with its coding party (code a game in 24 hours) .
- the Balades de Congis whih are the open door meeting of the town we are laocated in.
- One musical game evening (in July this year) Rock band, guitar hera, DJ Hero, but much more.
- the RGC in october.

But we also have some other product such as T-shirt, manual, and games. Our latest and most ambitious project Another World on ATARI Jaguar (to be release soon).

Right I'm finished. Sorry if I borrowed you with my advertising but I'd like to have more strangers on our conventions. Besides forgive me if my english is faulty.

I hope to have good contact with you guys.