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Retro News & Chat / Re: Hardest games you've played
June 18, 2013, 11:25:02 AM
Just after posting I realized that I was wrong

The hardest games I ever played are mostly shmup butn ot only, here are some examples:
- Zero 5 (Jaguar) could only unlock 4 levels
- Every Extended Extra (PSP) one of the few game that give the will to destroy my PSP while playing (specially that mother f****r 3rd boss)
- Tombi (PSone) cute but extremely hard
- Space INvaders Extreme (PSP) could pass thourgh the 3rd level
Retro News & Chat / Re: Hardest games you've played
June 18, 2013, 11:01:07 AM
Tempest 2000 too hard for me
Zero 5 too Hard for me
Iron soldier 2 - could defeate the boss by using the cheat codes but could never beat the mission 19
Alien Veruss Predator - only finished with the cheats
Blue Lightning - never get through the last mission
Rayman  - Could not pass thorugh the first big Scorpion

Xbox 360
Darksiders 2 - not fun at all lost my interest in it
Magna Carta 2 - some bosses impossible to beat...
Clash of the Heroes impossibel on some mission
Ikaruga - impossible to get hrough the 3rd Boss
Venetica - made a mistake once 1 I have to start over...

Astro boy : never could defeate the final boss
Battle Engine Aquila: getting too hard for me
Dirge of Ceberus - Final Fantasy VII - Lost my interesset in the game
Final Fantasy X : got disgusted by the evolution system
Final Fantasy XII - lost my interest in it -  should retry
Ghsot Vibration - could never defeat the final boss
Legaia 2 - lost my interessed - should finsih it
REz - could never get the 100 % at area 5
Transformers - lost interesst on it - should retry was a fun   

Blood Omen : Legacy of Kain - Was quite fat but never finished - should retry
Castlevania : Symphony ofg the night - Xcould never get eh 200.6 %
Ghost in the Shell : Could never get thought the 5 or 6th level
Iron soldier 3 : could never get thorug level 15th
Tail Concerto : Could never get though the last section
THe Adventure of Alundra: I saw the ned at a friend house could never finish it my self
Tombi : Get disgusted by the diffidulty

Altered Beast could finsih it with a frined but never alone
Beggar Prince -  Went quite far but not finished
Shining Force - never finished
Shining force 2 - never finished
Sonic 2 - Never beat the final boss
Rocket knight - Never get the ginat robo-fight
Quakcshot - Never defeated final boss

Halo - Never finished the covenenant vessel
Steel Battalion - Never get through mission 3

Blue Stinger - never get really interested by the game
Deep Fighter - could never defeat the giant moskito
REsident Evil Code Veronica - never finsihed

Game Cube
BAiten Kaitos - Never able to defeat one Boss (actually 3 in he same fight)

Heroes of Might and Magic - Never play through the solo campaign
Zuma - Never finsihed the final Temple

Kether - never enough live to finish the game
Link the face of Evil - Need A CD-i which saves data

3D dot Heroes - Can not pass the Fire temple

Golden Sun - Can not find the entrance to the final temple
Shining Force the Resurrection fo the Black Dragon - lost interest in it

Panzer Dragoon Saga - One boss unbeatable
Night - Can nopt get through level 4 (score is too low)

Puzzle quest - Can defeat final boss
Star Trek Tactical Assault - Never get though mission number I don't know with the klingoms

Amiga CD32
Rise of the Robots - Cannot defeat the final boss (in Easy)

Master System
Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck - Never got through the 5th level
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World - Cannot get thourg level 4
Golden Axe Warrior - can not find entrance to the 7th temple

Tapwave Zodiac:
Legacy - always issue with battery life errasing all my data

Merlin Racing : Need one Key to unlock race number 21

Zelda Ocarina Of Time - Can not play after the Dragon Boss

GameBoy Color
Zelda - Link Awekaning - don ot remember where I was

Zelda Ocarina of Time - ... I do not like this game
Actually the idea was more to propose you a ONe week-end package from Wednesday until tuesday
- Hotel
- historical visit of Paris
- Shopping in the two video games shops area of Paris (prepare lots of money)
- Shopping for girls (hle I'll be in video games with the boys)
- Byke tour in Paris
- The week-end at the convention
- one or Two diner in typical Parisian restaurant
- other surpri. . . . .
se if enough people is interessed

Quote from: "The Laird"I would love to go but unfortunately some of the people who do go to this wouldn't make me very welcome

Why that ? Some past issues with us ? 

Guys I'm just posting a 'Save the date' for the RGC 2013. 

The RGC 2013 will be held on October 26th and 27th. The RGC is a retro gaming convention in France (Meaux in the near of Paris).

You will be able to see tons of hardware and software all in free to play. But also take part to a retro gaming tournament of three games (1 one player, 1 two player versus, 1 four players).

But We will also have a conference on the history of video gaming, presentation of projects, and special stands as we do celebrate quite a few anniversary this year.
That being aid I would like to see more foreigner at our convention. This year for the AC we got 7 foreigner out of 70 participants (10 % of the total).

That is why I'm posting this poll in order to know why you would come or not.

If you wish to see more here are a few videos.

Baroudeur - on Hector (The one player game tournament)

Windjammer - Neo Geo AES (the two player tournament)

Quizz finale

Micro machine (the four player tournament)

Revival (présentation of the magazine)

Bomb in pixel (a homebrew atari VCS 2600 game)

Bug'n bots ( a homeborw colecovision game)

Mindwalls (a homebrew colecovision game)
Retro News & Chat / Re: CD-i Controller Mod
June 10, 2013, 09:38:31 AM

looking foward to read more about it ^^
We got the packages.

Hope you'll receive yours soon
Atari Chat / Re: The Atari XEGS
June 07, 2013, 10:55:01 AM
Me too I need one :111:
Atari Chat / Re: Unreleased Atari Jaguar Games
June 07, 2013, 10:28:16 AM
Quote from: "The Laird"Sad thing is that is was finished, just never released.

Let me guest and got lost at the end ?
General Retro Chat / Re: The Philips CD-i
June 06, 2013, 11:30:45 AM
I will see during my long vacation If I can make a video with a comparaison beatween a public reader and this professionnal reader I have.
General Retro Chat / Re: Best named console
June 06, 2013, 11:28:17 AM
CD-I was also a good name (even if it is a standard more than a machine. With the will and need to create more interactivity. The name was a perfect match.
Retro News & Chat / Re: CD-i Controller Mod
June 05, 2013, 07:22:53 AM
Does it improve the gameplay of the zelda plateformer?
Introductions / Re: Fin - Milton Keynes
June 04, 2013, 16:09:34 PM
Welcome to you CD-I owner :)
General Retro Chat / Re: Best named console
June 04, 2013, 16:07:52 PM
When you think about it and put all the feeling aside. I'd say the best names for a game console are :
  • Playstation: because it is really the purpose of a game console, isn't it ?
  • Dreamcast: amazing name full of promises but also wonders ; Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure were just amazing when they came out.
Well I'm awaiting a package from 40 copies so I'm a bit worried ^^
Got your package ?