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Retro News & Chat / AV mod for Atari 2600/7800
June 20, 2017, 16:36:47 PM
Can anyone do a composite mod for either console?
Or recommend a reliable modder. In the UK.

Introductions / Hello
September 04, 2012, 13:33:36 PM
Hi, this forum was recommended to me by a friend (he was on Retro Gamer before arriving here).
Anyway, I'm quite old and I collect for the Atari VCS/2600!

I have other consoles - new & old - but the VCS was my first and it's the one
I have most affection for.
I'm currently working my way through the reviews section - great stuff.

Here's mine

Marketplace / Wanted - Springer (Atari 2600)
March 08, 2012, 22:49:48 PM
Cart only is fine.
There are quite a few but from the ones I owned.......

Crush Roller
Dragon's Wild
Metal Slug 1st/2nd Mission
Puzzle Bobble Mini
Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color
Neo Turf Masters
General Retro Chat / 'till death do us part
March 04, 2012, 13:34:43 PM
In my introduction thread I listed a few systems that I've sold over the last year or two.

However, I don't ever see the day that I'd sell my Atari VCS collection.
I've had it for over 30 years and it's also the system that got me into collecting
 (for lots of other systems too) 15 years ago.

Is there any particular console/computer that you would never sell.
Introductions / Hello
March 03, 2012, 18:26:01 PM
Oops, already posted before writing this. How rude!  :P

I'm 41, from Scotland and been gaming forever.

Owner of..........

Atari VCS, 2600, 2600 Jnr, 7800
ZX Spectrum 48k+
PS1, 2
Xbox, Xbox 360
Nintendo Gamecube, NDS

Stripped back my collection due to space restrictions/not playing them/cash
and over the last year and a half I've sold...........

Sega Master System, Megadrive
NEC Core Grafx II
Sega Saturn
Arcade & Pinball Chat / Old v New
March 01, 2012, 23:25:30 PM
Regardless of the nostalgia factor, I actually
prefer the classic arcade games to the newer coin munchers.
There are exceptions but if I was in an arcade my money would go in this....

and this...................

rather than this........

or this.............
Atari Chat / Atari 2600 Must Have Games
February 29, 2012, 14:32:30 PM
Can't believe there wasn't a post for this already!  >:(

I'll start it off...........

River Raid
Pitfall II
Indy 500

And a whole lot more!   ;)