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Retro News & Chat / NES-Bit Issue #1 has now become a free download
« on: March 24, 2012, 02:17:01 AM »
as I was the main designer behind Nes-Bit magazine issue one, Lorfarius and me have had a major falling out, regarding this project, claiming I have no claim over it, excused of using simple screenshots and the likes, so because it was me who created the entire magazine, other than the article writings, I'm now releasing it into the Wild for free, if you have not read it yet and are a fan of Nintendo then here it is in all it's Glory



[align=center:2zhdjbv9]so please download and enjoy

Arcade & Pinball Chat / Arcade Video Vault Area
« on: March 13, 2012, 20:43:15 PM »
[align=center:2d3yfypy]Hello Retro fans, and welcome to the Video Vault Portal[/align:2d3yfypy]

this is the ultimate collection video gaming game play video for your enjoyment, if not for the nostalgia, then for the ulitmate insight to classic arcade games in please enjoy them..more will be added soon :)

First up we have the Arcade Video Vault Introduction Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter A Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter B Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter C Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter D Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter E Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter F Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter G Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter H Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter I Here

Arcade Games beginning with the Letter J Here

Atari Chat / Homeage to the Atari ST found in new PC adventure Game
« on: March 09, 2012, 11:04:58 AM »
I was on a bit of a research regarding some ST related material and came across a new point and click adventure on the PC called "Ambers Blood The Eighth Carol Reed Mystery" created by a developer called MDNA Games , at first glance it looks like one of these detective style point and click adventures and though blahh, the usual, untill I came across this

Nintendo Chat / Nintendo SNES Must have games
« on: February 29, 2012, 12:07:41 PM »
Allot of us here have at one stage played on the Super Nintedo System, and I didn't see any listing for this great and powerful console, so I decided to list some of the greatest titles on this platform for those who haven't  played them, and now thanks to emualtion, we can all experience them again or play them for the first time, so my top 20 SNES games are as follows, and to mention I didn't list any Mario Games, as this list is based on other games outside the Mario World (although Super Mario is epic on the SNES too :) )

1. 7th Saga
Classic RPG and played well against the Final fantasy series

2. Act Raiser 1 & 2
Arcade with a mixture of RGB elemnets with amazing music

[size=100]3. Adams Family[/size]
a great mixture of platform action to be had, but it's a tuff game, created by Ocean Software

[size=100]4. Adventures of Batman and Robin [/size]
a beautiful Platform game based on the hit TV show, a must have game, created by Konami
5. Aladdin [/size]
Disney enters the platform with this brillaint game created by Capcom
Alien 3[/size][/size]
although released on the Megadrive aswell (probe software), the SNES version was more darker and more maturer, then the megadrive counterpart, if you have not played should, it's creppy

[size=100]7. Arkanoid - Doh It Again[/size]
we all love abit of ball and bat action don't we, this is no exception, Arcade perfect port and excellent control, considering your using a joypad, top stuff

[size=100]8. Axelay[/size]
this is a shootem'up with a different, created by Konami, the Mode 7 effects in this games where absolutely amazing back in the day, with pure Arcade style bosses, this should be in everyone's collection.

[size=100]9. Batman Returns[/size]
Konami again strike gold with this wonderful beatem'up, beautiful graphics, capturing the style of the movie perfectly, and the control where ace, beating up thugs as Batman has never been so good.

[size=100]10. Bomberman[/size]
created by Hudson Soft now (RIP), brought everyone one of the first mutli-player action title to the mass, with a multi-tap up to 4 players could join in at blowing each other up, and with the power up in the game, made this a devilish game..fantasic stuff

[size=100]11. Blackthorne[/size]
a great platform adventure created by Buzzard software of the warcraft fame, similar in styles of Out of this world and arcade action, fanatsic animation and over all brilliant game.

[size=100]12. Castlevania - Vampire's Kiss[/size]
what list wouldn't be complete with a Castlevania game in there, brillaint platform action, great music, ridiciously hard and all round fantastic SNES game, if you haven't played this one, your missing out on something very special

[size=100]13. Cybernator[/size]
again Konami seems to appear allot in this list due to the fact that they where one of the best companies working on titles for SNES, this game has you in a Mech, blowing things up, and then in sideways shootem'up action, cathering for all in a game.

[size=100]14. Donkey Kong Country Series[/size]
Created by RARE software for Nintendo, showed the world the SNES could infact do next generation style gfx on an aging platform, brilliant mini-games, fabulous music and amazing platform, play it today!
15. E.V.O. Search for Eden[/size]
this is one of the first style RPG games to allow you to envolve from a micro cell to a full human, incredible gaming mecanics, look at it as the Sims many years before they arrived.

[size=100]16. Equinox[/size]
wonderful RPG game, amazing music created by the Follin brothers, and some very clever puzzle elements too..well worth a look
17. Final Fantasy Series[/size]
before Final fantasy 7, the SNES versions where the number one place for your RPG fix, and had incredible story telling, music and gameplay.

[size=100]18. Final Fight Series[/size]
Capcom's port of the Arcade hit beatem'up, arrived on the SNES and was IMO near arcade perfect, other than a missing charcter "GUY", but Capcom later released "Final Fight Guy" which he appeared, what's not good to say about this game, well there isn't, having an Arcade experience on your telly rocked .

[size=100]19. Super Starwars Series[/size]
When this appeared, i think every Star Wars fan, shat themselives, i for one was one of them, Finally a StarWars games that played so good and captured the movies so well, this is one of the best trilogies of a movie to game ever made.

[size=100]20. Street Figher 2 Series inc. Super[/size]
this game is proof that a pure 100% arcade port was complelely possible on a 16-bit console, Street Fighter 2 was so good, that some Arcade vendors complained to Capcom on loss of earnings on there purchased arcade machines and demanded refunds, when the SNES version appeared, everyone, everywhere was playing this game on their lovable SNES

I know there are many more SNES games not mention here, but then the list would be huge, these are just some of my most favorite one..hope you've enjoyed it.

Retro News & Chat / Some graphical pieces
« on: February 25, 2012, 18:10:42 PM »
thought I'd share some retro related stuff I've done of the hope you all like it :(

and a front cover too :

also did allot of wasted work for Retro Fusion magazine aswell, some nice stuff here too

index page :

some poster work :(

Project X mag preview article

and some logo design work for our firends here : Retroplay

hope you liked the stuff

all the best ;)

Introductions / greetings from the Topics of Ireland!
« on: February 25, 2012, 14:42:13 PM »
Hi everyone  ;D

then moved to the Atari ST range in 1986 and thought this was the best thing since sliced bread, Loved it!, and when LSD Compacts came along (for those of you, will know what I'm talking about here :)

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