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A hands up for my ATARI STe game Randomazer. I know, the ATARI ST does not get a lot of attention regarding games. But even non-ST retro fans can check out the game thanks to the "Standalone Versions" that can be downloaded and played for Windows and macOS. :) Give it a shot!
The experimental Randomazer standalone package is now available for macOS as well!

I will continue to optimize and improve the concept.
With the Randomazer V1.01 update I am trying something new:
I know the the ATARI ST is not a very wide spread system. Setting up an emulator for an unknown system can be complicated and frustrating. Especially for a casual gamer.

For this reason I went experimental:
I have taken the great HATARI Emulator and EmuTOS and configured it in a way that Randomazer can be played almost like a native Windows game. Know knowledge about the system or the emulator needed.

I hope it works!
Check out the video:

Download Randomazer here:

Atari Chat / Re: RANDOMAZER - new game for the ATARI STe
November 08, 2020, 15:11:17 PM
RANDOMAZER V1.01 will be available November Friday 13th at
;D ;D ;D ;D
Hi to all ATARI STe fans here!
In case you have not seen it: a brand new game for the ATARI STe is ready for download:

And a boxed Version is waiting for orders

Marble-Maze action that will push your blitter!

Have some Fun!
Atari Chat / Re: Scolling FROGS V1.2 OUT NOW!
December 08, 2019, 21:26:03 PM
Haha! FROGS V1.2 Scrolling Frogs is out!
I did it. Does the game need it? No!
Is it ridiculous and fun? YES!!!
And I added more:
- WAY FASTER framerate on the STe
- C64 color scheme
- Additional Graphics
- a setup editor to customize your FROGS! Hahaha!
Scrolling FROGS? Help! Opinions needed!
Ok, this is a big one (for me ;) ) …
Some weeks ago I finally figured out ho to do a decent scrolling on the ATARI STe with my humble GFA basic â€" a first glimpse is visible as the page scrolling effect in the latest FROGS release 1.1

But I could not let go and I re-wrote the complete graphics drawing routines of FROGS using my new knowledge. For me this is first and foremost a proof of concept, of what is possible. In FROGS it is not much more than a nice effect, not really adding to the gameplay. But in theory I could apply the same idea to “Laserball 2015” and make it a completely new scrolling experience (lots of work!!!)

But the result is a mixed bag on another level:
- on an STe even with all that scrolling going on, the new logic pushed the possible frame-rate from 19 to a staggering 24 frames/second. (2 AI Frogs, Music playing)
- BUT on a standard ST missing the blitter the frame-rate drops from 15 to an unusable 8 frames/second.

So applying this to a new release would basically make FROGS a “STe-only” game.
And the same would happen to Laserball, if I use the technique there.
(having two drawing routines one for STe and one for ST would make the code very clunky)

Opinions please!
- What do you think about the scrolling effect in FROGS â€" does it add to the crazy action? Or is it distracting from the gameplay?
- What is more important? higher frame-rate/scrolling on an STe or playability on both ST+STe?

(Video recorded with Steem SSE emulating an standard 8mhz STe, 1mb ram)

Hmmm... interesting Idea!
In fact no, the shades are only carried into the menu, but not into the next round. Maybe an Addition for a next Version? ;)
After rigorous testing at Ejagfest 2019 I can announce:
FROGS for ATARI STe V1.1 ARCADE UPDATE is out (no beta anymore!)
If contains several bugfixes and even a new screen scrolling effect. (I did it! I finally figured a way how to do a nice screen scrolling FX at least on a STe in GFA Basic!!! Ok, real good ST coders might read this with disbelieve and pity, but this is a big one for me!!! Hahaha!)
Free Download at:

Bug fixes:
§R5411B â€" Bug in Auto-AI. Frogs once pushed by another frog were not picked up by the new Auto-AI even if they have never been moved by a player - Fixed.

§R3411B â€" Bug in Auto-AI on ST. Auto-AI did work on standard ST â€" Fixed.

§R3311B â€" Bug in MIDI Gaming. Time was not correctly displayed in slave â€" Fixed.

§R2811B â€" Bug in MIDI Gaming. End of a timer-game was not correctly reported to slave â€" Fixed.

§R4911B â€" Bug in timer-game. Game screen changing abruptly on end of timer-game â€" Fixed.

§R4411B â€" Bug in MIDI gaming. Sky was not rendered correctly on slave â€" Fixed.

§R23108 â€" Memory management on 1MB Atari STe. 1MB Memory management failed on ATARI STe causing game to crash when switching to „CLASSIC C64“ skin mode - Fixed.

§R3511B â€" Bogus bug numbers. In bug fix report, bogus senseless bug numbers have been used to impress readers â€" Fixed.

- 512K machines opened the game and crashed without warning due to to less RAM. Now the game loading is cancelled with a proper message (see new user options)

- Standard ATARI ST with Blitter (Mega ST). Blitter chip was utilized but additional animations and graphical FX have not been played â€" Fixed.

Known Issues:
- 1MB machines have barely enough RAM to play the game with all graphical FX. If the system is booted from hard drive, the hard drive-driver might just use some vital KBs. If so, the new scrolling FX might be omitted. Boot from floppy is recommended on a 1MB system.

New user Options:
There is a new file in the DATA folder “MEMORY.DAT” that controls memory usage in FROGS. It holds 3 numbers in KB that are seen a minimum requirement in free RAM. Users might want to experiment with these numbers on a low-RAM STe system:
â—¦   1st number â€" minimum threshold KB RAM needed to load the game at all â€" Default 500.
â—¦   2nd number â€" minimum threshold KB RAM to load DAM sound samples (frog fight sounds) â€" Default 650
â—¦   3rd number â€" Minimum threshold KB RAM to enable the screen scrolling FX â€" Default 750
FROGS for ATARI STe is out for almost a year.

After having the game been played on several events and especially on the massive GAME CITY VIENNA 2019 I figured it is time for an update. This update is tailored especially for event use but also hold some nice additions for a regular retro party.

- TIMER GAME: in addition to playing towards a fixed score, V1.1 introduces TIMER GAMES to get the most points within a set timeframe. The “SCORE” option now reads: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 Sec. / 3 Min. / 5 Min.

- ARCADE MODE: there always has been a “hidden” menu control.
Within the menu keyboard-key (1)-(5) switches game options and
key (6)-(0) loads setup pre-sets.
With V1.1 pressing (A) (Arcade) locks down the menu as it stands. The only option available is to start the game. However the keyboad control (0)-(9) remains active.
Pressing (A) again, brings the menu back to normal mode.

- AUTO AI frogs: A frog that is not moved within the first 15 seconds is taken over by the computer and starts to play by itself.

- Graphical tweaks: Lilly Leaves now bounce when a Frog lands on them, and the winners ceremony has some additional animation. And there is a funny surprise in the menu screen as well.

- More ponds and a new language: New pond-maps available created for the PIXELPOKAL April 2019 in Hannover. And “Froggisch” has been added to the language selection.

- Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Comments, more ideas and bug reports are welcome!
Free download at
Atari Chat / FROGS IS BACK!
February 03, 2019, 19:01:44 PM
Or better to say: Jan has completed the second batch of 4-Joystick adapters!
So FROGS is again ready for being ordered and shipped at
And of course the free download is also available â€" with a lovely little “DONATE” button on its side. ;)

So have fun and FROG UP YOUR LIFE!

P.S.: If you play FROGS at a party, make some videos! I would love to see a party review!!!
Big hands up to all ATARI ST fans! FROGS + ZATACKA ST + ST4PLAYER Joystick adapter and more ATARI ST boxed games and other stuff is now available:
A webshop dedicated to ATARI ST games!  ;D in 2018! Have fun!!!

And in case you haven´t heard about it: FROGS is a 4 player party game ( But the boxed version comes with instructions how to unlock the MEGAPARTY MODE for up to 6 player action.
And if this is not enough, it also comes bundled with Zatacka ST ( â€" for more 4 player action.
And the ST4PLAYER adapter is compatible to several classic multiplayer player games â€" like Gauntlet II and Dynablaster just to name a few.
FROGS full review

Please share the news!

Disclaimer: I have read several times, that everything looks so professional. YES, I am a professional film-editor and marketing guy, and I like my things stand up to my own standards. But please keep in mind, that everything in the background is handled manually by me. I am not Amazon or Ebay so things may take a little longer. But I will try my best to give every ATARI ST fan a great and fun time!
Homebrew Chat / FROGS for ATARI STe + Boxed Version
December 20, 2018, 11:06:13 AM
Here comes an update on FROGS for ATARI STe!
While the free download is out for some time, I am almost done in preparing the boxed version! And I decided to go even further:
-   FROGS will come together with Zatacka ST in the ATARI ST Multiplayer Power pack â€" with or without a parallel port adapter for 4 joysticks. It will be a nice flip-over box and flip over manual.
-   I have made an ANARCHO Ride box â€" based on my initial design study. It will come with a printed manual and printed floppy stickers. I have only printed a small number of boxes and only 5 of these will contain the 4 Floppys and a special present as the “Limited Special Edition”.
-   And I will bring back Laserball as a second edition box. Also with the printed manual.

I have extended my existing business so I can sell these Boxes in an official online store. (is there any other “software company” out there focussing on ATARI ST games in 2019???  ;D )
Therefore all sales will be bound to EU/Austrian Tax and customer protection regulations. But please be gentle! I am not Amazon! Boxes and Joystick Adapters are made by hand. There will be just a very small stock and there might be waiting times â€" depending on the demand. But I will do my best to make 2019 a great year for ATARI ST fans!
I will post the link to the shop as soon as I am ready to send out the first boxes! Stay tuned!

Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Thomas / ANARCHO Ride Laboratories

P.S: Here is a video with FROGS on a gaming party!
Quote from: zapiy on November 25, 2018, 18:28:12 PM
This is so cool, that box set is awesome mate, who you releasing that with?
Right now I plan to self-publish it together with Insane from Zatacka.