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Retro News & Chat / New(ish) to Beat em Ups - where to start?
« on: May 13, 2020, 20:30:15 PM »
Alright, so as a kid I only really played the SoR series, with 2 being my favourite.  With the release of SoR4, it's got me back into playing these games, but I've never actually played anything other than SoR.  Where do you guys recommend me starting and on which games?

Just name the game or series and the system it plays best on and I'll take a look.

I'd like to go back and play all the goodies I missed out on playing but also if you have any suggestion for new / up to date games, that'd be cool too.

Introductions / Hello
« on: April 17, 2018, 23:03:35 PM »
Hello, recently started playing retro titles from the past and having a blast!  My names Harold and was born in 1990.  Grew up with the regular consoles of the time; MegaDrive, Saturn, NES, SNES, PSOne, DreamCast, N64 and possibly others I forgot.  Also a lot of handhelds and we used to play the GameGear a lot!  Still have one today that I like to get out and play.

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