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Arcade & Pinball Chat / Sharpin
« on: August 31, 2020, 08:27:42 AM »
Got one of those last Friday, the Sharpin Ultra. The only thing I changed were the speakers, as the kit comes with those very cheap Audiogenic cubes, and in some reviews they mention that they don't have any bass at all and thus are not the best. So I ordered some of those Amazon Basics speakers, compared them on the PC, and it's true, they sound 100 times better, so I built them in instead of the Audiogenic.

Retro News & Chat / Bitmap Books creating video game stamps
« on: January 10, 2020, 06:45:02 AM »
Bitmap Books have been working in collaboration with award-winning design agency, Supple Studio, to create a set a video game themed stamps for the Royal Mail.

Commodore Chat / WinUAE 4.0 released
« on: June 22, 2018, 05:08:12 AM »
New final version of WinUAE released. Toni Wilen has a 48 hours day (or probably even more).

New major features:

    Beam Racing Lagless VSync which reduces input latency to sub-5ms. Replaces old Low Latency VSync. (Use 1-2 slice Lagless VSync to match old Low Latency VSync behavior)
    Virtual multi monitor support. Each virtual Amiga video output connector (Video port graphics adapter, RTG boards) can be “connected” to separate WinUAE window, emulating real hardware being connected to more than one physical monitor.
    Debugger supports running Amiga executables from shell, adds symbol and gcc stab debugging data support, loads executable to special reserved address space which enables detection of any illegal accesses byte accurately and more. (Details)
    Host mode FPU emulation mode is finally full extended precision (80-bit) capable. It is also fully JIT compatible.

New other features:

    Overlay graphics led (power, floppy etc) support.
    Close confirmation option added to misc panel.
    Default WASAPI audio device automatically follows Windows default audio device.
    Directory harddrives now use uaehf.device as a fake device driver (replacing non-existing uae.device), for example programs that query extra information (like SCSI Inquiry data) now get valid data.
    Directory filesystem harddrive fake block size dynamic adjustment now starts from smaller disk size, workaround for WB free space calculation overflow when partition is larger than 16G.
    Harddrive imager now also supports native (mainboard/expansion board) IDE connected CHS-only drives.
    Disk swapper config file data is restored from statefile.
    Cirrus Logic RTG horizontal doubling support, keeps aspect ratio in doublescan modes.
    Action Replay II/III state file support improved.
    Windowed mode resize enable/disable option.
    CDTV SCSI and SRAM options moved to Expansions.

3.6.x bug fixes:

    WD33C93 based SCSI controllers hung the system if controller didn’t have any connected SCSI devices.
    Direct3D11 fullscreen mode didn’t open if monitor was connected to non-default GPU. (For example laptops with Intel and NVidia GPU with NV GPU connected to external monitor)
    Direct3D11 fullscreen ALT-TAB refresh problems and other D3D11 fixes.
    68030 MMU PLOAD was broken (Caused Amiga Linux crash at boot).

Older bugs fixed:

    On the fly switching from non-cycle exact to cycle-exact mode stopped emulation in certain situations.
    Fixed E-Matrix accelerator board RAM selection.
    If CD was changed and system was reset during change delay, drive become empty and new CD was never inserted. Mainly affected CD32 and CDTV.
    Reset when uaescsi.device CD was mounted caused memory corruption/crash in certain situations.
    Code analyzer warnings fixed (uninitialized variables, buffer size checks etc..)
    Old JIT bug fixed: many CPU instructions didn’t set V-flag correctly. (Aranym)
    Inserting or removing USB input device caused crash in some situations.
    Softfloat FPU edge case fixes (FABS, FNEG with infinity, logarithmic instructions with NaN)
    Decrease/increase emulation speed input events didn’t do anything.
    Toccata audio was not fully closed when reset/reset and caused crash if new config was loaded and started.
    Removed forgotten, useless and obsolete “The selected screen mode can’t be displayed in a window, because..” check.
    Fixed WASAPI Exclusive mode audio glitches when paused/unpaused.
    Paula audio volume GUI volume setting was ignored if audio mode was mono.

New emulated expansions:

    C-Ltd Kronos
    CSA Magnum 40
    DCE Typhoon MK2
    GVP A1230 Series II
    Hardital TQM
    MacroSystem Falcon 040
    Xetec FastTrak

Retro News & Chat / My sold collection
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:22:02 AM »
Two years ago, I sold almost my whole collection, was taking up a lot of shelves, and it was basically only collecting dust. I have a friend who's a huge collector, and small museum owner here in Luxembourg, and he wanted to buy the CDTV and CD32, eventually he ended up buying the whole lot, as I made him a good price.

Introductions / Hello from Luxembourg
« on: January 18, 2018, 15:29:35 PM »
Hi, new here, known as Demon Cleaner on ClassicAmiga.

Hi zapiy, sorry that I didn't join earlier, completely forgot about this site.

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