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After i did some time ago a few Lego stop motions about the jump'n run games Super Mario and Giana Sisters, which rather relate to the genre „let's play“ and correspond to pure Lego – conversions, i decided now to allow myself a little more independence from the originals and i created my new videos more parodistic and with some slapstick elements  8)

That means, i took some models from the arcade – gaming machine age from the late 70's, early 80's and transfered them into the Lego – theme „Classic Space“ (where the helmets didn't have visors yet  ;)).

Part 1 is about the game „Tron“ (Midway Games, 1982), to be more concrete, the section „Light Cycles“. This setting might be well-known to some of you from the same-called Movie, too.

Part 2 is about the mother of all space-shooters: the indestructible „Space Invaders“ (Taito, 1978). This one still exists in different versions as (smartphone-) browser game, by the way.

The clips are relatively short, but hopefully crispy ;) There is a small dancing-scene as intro, the background to this is in each case differently, and designed according to the typical Classic Space colour combinations.

Short outlook: Parts 3 and 4 will be uploaded in the next weeks (Galaxian, Pac-Man)  :)

Update 25.12.: part 2 is finished, link further down!

Update 24.01.: i think it is not worth that i start a new thread because i did a Lego Tetris gamplay. . . link further down!

This stop-motion is a Lego gameplay from the Nintendo Gameboy classic game "Super Mario Land" from 1989.
All graphics and writings, except the first few seconds of the intro, are made of Lego bricks – and if necessary, adjusted in size (e.g. writings on the top).

I used to turn the colour of the settings into "sepia" - at the end of the clip you can see the original colours, by the way.

Update 26.08.: new clip - link further down!

I'm quite sure that everybody in this forum knows Giana Sisters and has been playing this game.
I did so maybe a year ago (a emulated version) and suddendly i had the idea to build the settings in Lego, and started to think about making a stop-motion-video . . .

So here is my Giana Sisters Lego Gameplay . . . this is the newest clip, Stage 3:

My little YT-Channel is called "Mitch78's Bricky Retro Gameplays" (also including Intro and Stages 1 + 2) and i am planning to continue the Giana Sisters theme a little bit, but i also have ideas for more stuff - that means more Lego gameplays from other retro games  ;)

You can find some more information on YT at the description of the clips - or otherwise feel free to ask!
By the way, pattern is the Amiga-Version of the game (same as the sounds)

Introductions / Hi @ all
« on: May 30, 2017, 22:26:38 PM »

i am Vercingetorix, 38 years old and a passionate Amiga player.
Unfortunatley only a few original games are still running on my old Amiga (which i got as a child for chrismas in 1989), so nowadays i usually play emulated games.
My all-time-favourite is "Axl's Magic Hammer".

I also registered in this forum because i am working on a Lego gameplay from Giana Sisters an until now i finished four clips.
I already got some positive feedback on Youtube, and maybe some of you might be interested in watching my stuff.
Could it be fitting if i would therefor open a thread in Gaming Galaxy - Retro Youtube Forum?

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