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Spectrum Chat / Sinclair Vega Plus
« on: September 16, 2016, 13:16:43 PM »

Sure we all remember this, been quite a journey for this campaign ! For unknown reasons the original guy behind it left earlier this year, then a war of words started. Fans on both sides arguing with each other, been quite depressing.

To be fair silence at times hasnt helped the devs but recently theres been more news and they have more news soon with the announcement of when its out. Sadly some twitter users are just constantly belittling everything about this project. Again i can see there might be some issues but the constant hounding over and over is ridiculous and makes their other claims look false.

I backed this a while ago, if its late i dont mind. Countless kickstarters/indiegogo campaigns are late. IF it looks like it did in the original mock-up (Like a Speccy PSP) i'll be happy. Yeah theres other cheaper devices out there (Like a PSP) but as this is a 'Sinclair' device i'm looking forward to it.

But yeah been quite a drama about it so far ! Hope it ends well !

Retro News & Chat / Play Expo - Manchester
« on: August 30, 2016, 14:32:09 PM »
Should be good as always....

Oct 8th, 9th

Only seems like yesterday !

Yeah its huge, yeah some people probably dont like huge events like this but its amazing how much there is there. I tend to spend most of my time walking round slowly chatting to people. Should do more gaming there ! Tons of arcade machines, tons of different computers/consoles etc

Probably just go for the day (despite being very close to Manchester) due to family etc.

Be good to meet up with a few people

Arcade & Pinball Chat / Arcade club
« on: August 01, 2016, 10:58:26 AM »
Just went to Arcade Club over the weekend. Such an amazing place. So many classic machines and lots of pinball as well. Fair few consoles also. Dont mean to sound like an advert !

I'm pretty lucky as i only live about 10 miles away so i've been a fair few times. I also noticed they had some of that great artwork that guy does on sale ( ) so bought a Knight Lore one. They look even better in person.

I'm still pretty crap at a fair few favourite arcade games - still playing Ghost n Goblins trying to reach level 2 ! Have done a few times. But for me its the huge nostalgia boost i get from playing and seeing these old classics

If you ever go to Arcade Club give me a shout. If you havent been its brilliant !

Introductions / Hello !
« on: May 05, 2016, 10:04:47 AM »
Hi all. Long time retro fan, know a few names from the Retro gamer forum and also met a few people from past events.

Love a lot of retro machines, i'm an emulation fan though ! Have my own Arcade bartop which i love, also a HUGE fan of gaming on my iphone. In an ideal world i'll have tons of hardware but due to house/money/kids (mostly) and time i find gaming on my iphone great and have a fair few emulators on it (non-jailbroken) and tons of apps installed

Also love retro books/magazines, looking forward to Greyfox's arcade one which looks great

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