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General Retro Chat / Randomazer for ATARI STe as standalone Windows Package
« on: November 13, 2020, 13:51:38 PM »
With the Randomazer V1.01 update I am trying something new:
I know the the ATARI ST is not a very wide spread system. Setting up an emulator for an unknown system can be complicated and frustrating. Especially for a casual gamer.

For this reason I went experimental:
I have taken the great HATARI Emulator and EmuTOS and configured it in a way that Randomazer can be played almost like a native Windows game. Know knowledge about the system or the emulator needed.

I hope it works!
Check out the video:

Download Randomazer here:


Atari Chat / RANDOMAZER - new game for the ATARI STe
« on: May 23, 2020, 18:36:39 PM »
Hi to all ATARI STe fans here!
In case you have not seen it: a brand new game for the ATARI STe is ready for download:

And a boxed Version is waiting for orders

Marble-Maze action that will push your blitter!

Have some Fun!

Atari Chat / Scolling FROGS and Laserball? Opinions needed!
« on: November 25, 2019, 17:38:12 PM »
Scrolling FROGS? Help! Opinions needed!
Ok, this is a big one (for me ;) ) …
Some weeks ago I finally figured out ho to do a decent scrolling on the ATARI STe with my humble GFA basic – a first glimpse is visible as the page scrolling effect in the latest FROGS release 1.1

But I could not let go and I re-wrote the complete graphics drawing routines of FROGS using my new knowledge. For me this is first and foremost a proof of concept, of what is possible. In FROGS it is not much more than a nice effect, not really adding to the gameplay. But in theory I could apply the same idea to “Laserball 2015” and make it a completely new scrolling experience (lots of work!!!)

But the result is a mixed bag on another level:
- on an STe even with all that scrolling going on, the new logic pushed the possible frame-rate from 19 to a staggering 24 frames/second. (2 AI Frogs, Music playing)
- BUT on a standard ST missing the blitter the frame-rate drops from 15 to an unusable 8 frames/second.

So applying this to a new release would basically make FROGS a “STe-only” game.
And the same would happen to Laserball, if I use the technique there.
(having two drawing routines one for STe and one for ST would make the code very clunky)

Opinions please!
- What do you think about the scrolling effect in FROGS – does it add to the crazy action? Or is it distracting from the gameplay?
- What is more important? higher frame-rate/scrolling on an STe or playability on both ST+STe?

(Video recorded with Steem SSE emulating an standard 8mhz STe, 1mb ram)


FROGS for ATARI STe is out for almost a year.

After having the game been played on several events and especially on the massive GAME CITY VIENNA 2019 I figured it is time for an update. This update is tailored especially for event use but also hold some nice additions for a regular retro party.

- TIMER GAME: in addition to playing towards a fixed score, V1.1 introduces TIMER GAMES to get the most points within a set timeframe. The “SCORE” option now reads: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 Sec. / 3 Min. / 5 Min.

- ARCADE MODE: there always has been a “hidden” menu control.
Within the menu keyboard-key (1)-(5) switches game options and
key (6)-(0) loads setup pre-sets.
With V1.1 pressing (A) (Arcade) locks down the menu as it stands. The only option available is to start the game. However the keyboad control (0)-(9) remains active.
Pressing (A) again, brings the menu back to normal mode.

- AUTO AI frogs: A frog that is not moved within the first 15 seconds is taken over by the computer and starts to play by itself.

- Graphical tweaks: Lilly Leaves now bounce when a Frog lands on them, and the winners ceremony has some additional animation. And there is a funny surprise in the menu screen as well.

- More ponds and a new language: New pond-maps available created for the PIXELPOKAL April 2019 in Hannover. And “Froggisch” has been added to the language selection.

- Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Comments, more ideas and bug reports are welcome!
Free download at

Atari Chat / FROGS IS BACK!
« on: February 03, 2019, 19:01:44 PM »
Or better to say: Jan has completed the second batch of 4-Joystick adapters!
So FROGS is again ready for being ordered and shipped at
And of course the free download is also available – with a lovely little “DONATE” button on its side. ;)

So have fun and FROG UP YOUR LIFE!

P.S.: If you play FROGS at a party, make some videos! I would love to see a party review!!!

Big hands up to all ATARI ST fans! FROGS + ZATACKA ST + ST4PLAYER Joystick adapter and more ATARI ST boxed games and other stuff is now available:
A webshop dedicated to ATARI ST games!  ;D in 2018! Have fun!!!

And in case you haven´t heard about it: FROGS is a 4 player party game ( But the boxed version comes with instructions how to unlock the MEGAPARTY MODE for up to 6 player action.
And if this is not enough, it also comes bundled with Zatacka ST ( – for more 4 player action.
And the ST4PLAYER adapter is compatible to several classic multiplayer player games – like Gauntlet II and Dynablaster just to name a few.
FROGS full review

Please share the news!

Disclaimer: I have read several times, that everything looks so professional. YES, I am a professional film-editor and marketing guy, and I like my things stand up to my own standards. But please keep in mind, that everything in the background is handled manually by me. I am not Amazon or Ebay so things may take a little longer. But I will try my best to give every ATARI ST fan a great and fun time!

Homebrew Chat / FROGS for ATARI STe + Boxed Version
« on: December 20, 2018, 11:06:13 AM »
Here comes an update on FROGS for ATARI STe!
While the free download is out for some time, I am almost done in preparing the boxed version! And I decided to go even further:
-   FROGS will come together with Zatacka ST in the ATARI ST Multiplayer Power pack – with or without a parallel port adapter for 4 joysticks. It will be a nice flip-over box and flip over manual.
-   I have made an ANARCHO Ride box – based on my initial design study. It will come with a printed manual and printed floppy stickers. I have only printed a small number of boxes and only 5 of these will contain the 4 Floppys and a special present as the “Limited Special Edition”.
-   And I will bring back Laserball as a second edition box. Also with the printed manual.

I have extended my existing business so I can sell these Boxes in an official online store. (is there any other “software company” out there focussing on ATARI ST games in 2019???  ;D )
Therefore all sales will be bound to EU/Austrian Tax and customer protection regulations. But please be gentle! I am not Amazon! Boxes and Joystick Adapters are made by hand. There will be just a very small stock and there might be waiting times – depending on the demand. But I will do my best to make 2019 a great year for ATARI ST fans!
I will post the link to the shop as soon as I am ready to send out the first boxes! Stay tuned!

Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Thomas / ANARCHO Ride Laboratories

P.S: Here is a video with FROGS on a gaming party!

Retro News & Chat / NEW ATARI STe game port “FROGS”
« on: September 24, 2018, 19:24:12 PM »
After a long time away from retro gaming I am back with some news:
Stay tuned for the ATARI STe version of the 2017 C64 Hit „FROGS“.
4 Player game including MIDI gaming, DMA Sound, all new graphics (+ C64 original), computer controlled Frogs…
C64 original game:

Homebrew Chat / NEW ANARCHO Ride V1.04 - New Horizons OUT NOW
« on: October 07, 2016, 17:02:52 PM »
ANARCHO Ride V1.04 – New Horizons
The time has come for a bigger ANARCHO Ride Update for the ATARI STe/Falcon! “ANARCHO Ride - New Horizons” brings… well… new horizons! One thing that was always missing in ANARCHO Ride was a proper horizon projection. Now it is here! And it comes with Expansion Pack 2! New tracks mainly made during the OFAM2016 ATARI Party. And this will be a growing expansion pack… Hopefully while visiting more ATARI Parties I get more inspirations for more craziness!

And there is even more! Laserball has a new language update! Czech! And ANARCHO Ride is expected to get a Czech version as well very soon!
UPDATE: Czech Version is online now!

Introductions / A late "HELLO!" from me ;)
« on: September 03, 2016, 12:02:47 PM »
Hi! I am a member for some time already. But now I realized that actually never properly introduced myself in this forum.
I am Thomas. I am from Austria/Europe.

And I am the creator of the new ATARI ST(e) games LASERBALL 2015 and ANARCHO Ride. (I wanted to add – awesome – great – brilliant – … but… hmmmm… ;) )
And as I like others to find my games I tryed to find as much ATARI/Retro communities as possible.

So here comes my history:
The ATARI ST was my first computer back in the day, and when my parents bought it, they wanted me to have a serious computer, not a “stupid game machine”. So as mostly in the German speaking territories, I got my ST with a monochrome high-res screen. And guess what: Without anyone else having and ST and a Monochrome Screen not really great for games, I started to program my own stuff on that damn thing.
Ok, later I got myself a colour monitor. And I continued coding… But time passed by and I switched to the PC World. I lost my interest in coding and lived on my live.

Until 1014.

I was playing around with emulators and started to read out my old floppies. And there it was: My 1991 game “Laserball”. Full of bugs. Full of copyrighted graphics. No Music. Only a few levels. And a hard to understand gameplay. No Fun.
But it was enough to get back my attention. And I carried on, where I left off almost 25 years ago. I made it bigger and better. I kicked out the copyrighted graphics and added Music. I made it a brain-cracking Puzzle game. Lots of fun!
And in 2015 I boxed it for other ATARI Fans to have even more fun.
(Graphics and Artwork by Melanie Schober / Music by xFalcon)

Just at the moment when I thought “that’s it!” I stumbled over another code fragment from 1990. It was not even a game. It was a mathematical experiment. It was a moving street. Nothing else. But again I could not stop myself.
I realized very early, that I can never make my “moving street” into a game that could keep up with the classics of the genre. So I decided to go a different path: I made it the opposite of a racing game. It is – as written in the review of MAGGIE 25th - “a racing game to end all sensible racing games.“
Pure fun. No reason.
(Graphics by Alan Garrison Tomkins / Artwork by Melanie Schober / Music by xFalcon)

In other words: I made too games that could hardly be any more different form each other.
When I list the technical specs of the games – Level management, Expansion Packs, own script language, graphical level editor, dynamic file linking… some have a hard time to believe that all of it was only done in GFA Basic. The only language that I ever mastered on the only system that I ever mastered.

So have fun playing my games.
They are free!

Btw: I enjoy every question, game review, (YouTube) video or game comment ;)

Homebrew Chat / New ATARI STe game after Laserball: ANARCHO RIDE
« on: September 19, 2015, 11:03:12 AM »

After you have completed "Laserball" you might need to cool your exhausted brain...
What about this?

Hi to all ATARI ST Fans!
I am new to this forum, but not new to the Retro Scene. I have created and published the game Laserball 2014/

In addition I am preparing a real physical release. Including a shiny new box, a printed manual and an ATARI ST floppy disc.
I will have to have at least 25 Boxes being produced - as production of small amounts is relatively expensive the final price will be around 40 Euro + shipping. From now on I am taking pre-orders. If I get 15 or more pre-orders I will have the production started.

The pre-order does not include ANY payment or ANY obligation buy the game. It is just a way to determine how many (if any) boxes I need to produce.

For pre-order, click here:

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