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Homebrew Chat / Atari VCS/2600 homebrew Titan Axe!!
April 20, 2015, 02:48:30 AM

This is my first Atari game intended for publication!  I hope you all enjoy it!  :26:

Here is a rundown of controls:

Reset restarts the game

The left difficulty switch sets the games difficulty

The right difficulty switch turns off and on music

Fire starts the game and, while holding left or right, selects a character.

Holding fire while pressing directions performs the following actions:
Down=Special attack
Right=right side swing
Left=Left side swing

Holding fire without a direction Jumps

Right and Left control the jump direction

Letting go of the button during jump performs a Jump attack

Holding fire on the game over screen continues the current game

Holding a direction during the title, character select screen, and winning (easy and hard mode) screens plays one of the four other songs from the game (no direction being pressed plays the main theme).

Have fun!!
Introductions / Papa here!
April 20, 2015, 02:25:19 AM
I'm new here and I'm looking forward to checking the place out!  I'm a big nerd that loves Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..etc..  My gaming history started with Atari and goes up to 360 and Wii although I drew the line after the Wii.  I modded my 360s and after the last one (fourth, I think) RRODed I reverted to older stuff that I could rely on (modded XBOX, Gamecube, PS2, DC and earlier).  I make arcade cabinets for my consoles and program quite a bit.  My favorite system to program on is the VCS, although my favorite games are on the Sega MD and from the arcades of around the same time frame.  So I like to do 8-bit retro games that remind me of those 16-bit ones I truly enjoyed!  I'm of a pretty strict mindset that modern tech is a big rip off (the internet is one that I happen to like, though) and that cartridge systems have always been better than offerings beyond them. 

I've beaten Star Wars KOTOR  with full light side points and gotten the full Jedi ending.  I've beaten Fable with full hero status where everyone knows my name and I have houses all over the place and a wife.  I've beaten Macross on the PS2 time and time again and point out technical inaccuracies in Robotech, like having to charge missles and being able to hover indefinitely, while comparing the two.  I've modded and hacked too many games to number including DOAX (I changed the mod so that only certain costumes are invisible and painted my own bodies), DOA3, DOA Ultimate, Leisure Suit Larry MCL, DOA2 (DC), and many more all the way back to Duke Nukem 3D (which I remade with my own sprites and levels) and Doom (I had the energizer bunny and AVP wads..). 

I love programming and chatting and hate to offend people!  I will never call anyone stupid or attack them for opinions or beliefs!  I have six children and have been married for over fifteen years and am a stay at home Papa that takes care of a two year old (just about) and a five month old all day while the wife works in the school system. 

I programmed Titan Axe for the VCS/2600 and am currently working on around fifteen other games that are as good or better than it! 

Nice to meet you all, May the force make you live long a prosper even though there's a babel fish in your ear!!